Changing the perspective – It’s time for Sustainable Avantgarde

For us at NEUBAU EYEWEAR the year 2021 is all about “Changing the Perspective”. By questioning given standards and pursuing our will to offer new, creative options we entered a self-reflection process. We asked ourselves: Is it possible to create luxurious products without using more than the planet can restore? Whilst treating nature and people with respect? The oscillation between eco and fashion normally leads to a conflict: To look good or to have a good conscience. We would like to challenge this viewpoint and show a way of combining the best of both worlds – fusing in a Sustainable Avantgarde!

By having a clear focus on the balance between humans and our environment, combined with the ultimate goal of creating a completely sustainable eyewear production, we notice it is never about longing for a world in which everything was supposedly better, but about longevity, regional production, respect and a bond with nature. NEUBAU truly believes our Zeitgeist demands for a lifestyle people want to pursue, where progressive ideas foster positive change for the society of today. Because premium fashion that does not harm the planet is not only inspiring, dynamic, stylish and idealistic – the freedom of not having to choose between design quality and sustainability enables us to a unique and individual style. It lets us be sovereign and self-confident, which at the same time inspires us to make better decisions and to make the world a better place to live in.

A focus on the essence of life – the four elements

We aim for the creation of design eyewear, which tells real stories that stimulate heads and hearts; stories to chance perspective and behaviors. As real as the inspiration for our new campaign: the four true elements, which shaped and moved the world, brought balance and built the cornerstone of earth since the very beginning of time – WATER, EARTH, FIRE and AIR. In the four collections WATER, AIR, FIRE and EARTH, we celebrate a clear attitude and streamlined vision for the year.

Presenting a mix of sunglasses and optical models that incorporate innovative design and avantgarde elements. The first released models of the water collection are made from naturalPX. 65% of this innovative bio-based polyamide is obtained from the oil, organically grown castor plants. The remaining 35% are regular polymers, which are necessary for the strength and elasticity of the material. naturalPX helps to reduce the CO2 footprint and at the same time to develop and manufacture high-performance glasses in a wide range of stylish colors and finishes.

While muted earthy tones, pastels and off-colors reflect the natural lightness and ease what the collection stands for, the frames impress with a minimalist, but expressive style. By using bio-based materials like naturalPX and natural3D, along with resource-efficient production methods, the collection emphasizes an own pioneering spirit. Timeless stainless steel frames round the assembly off. All designs combine flexibility, stability, resilience, durability and comfort. The use of natural elements such as flora, lighting, shadows and textures are used to accentuate this mindset in a visual manner.


An urge to use the highest eco-friendly standards and sustainable as well as innovative materials for a comfortable all-day wear, is combined by the creation of glasses in a distinct design – originating in a product that stands out from the masses. Premium eyewear, not designed for everyone’s taste, but surely always recognizable.

Our vision is to bring more premiums to the people. Premium for NEUBAU means sustainability, responsibility and design. Because we believe that premium is the best way to care about our planet. And the only way that resolves the people’s conflict of wanting a better world and living the good life.
Because sometimes, we just have to change our perspective to change the world.

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