Chan­ging the per­spec­ti­ve – It’s time for Sus­tainab­le Avantgarde

For us at NEUBAU EYEWEAR the year 2021 is all about “Changing the Perspective”. By questioning given standards and pursuing our will to offer new, creative options we entered a self-reflection process. We asked ourselves: Is it possible to create luxurious products without using more than the planet can restore? Whilst treating nature and people with respect? The oscillation between eco and fashion normally leads to a conflict: To look good or to have a good conscience. We would like to challenge this viewpoint and show a way of combining the best of both worlds – fusing in a Sustainable Avantgarde!

By having a clear focus on the balan­ce bet­ween humans and our envi­ron­ment, com­bi­ned with the ulti­ma­te goal of crea­ting a com­ple­te­ly sus­tainab­le eye­we­ar pro­duc­tion, we noti­ce it is never about lon­ging for a world in which ever­ything was sup­po­sed­ly bet­ter, but about lon­ge­vi­ty, regio­nal pro­duc­tion, respect and a bond with natu­re. NEU­BAU tru­ly belie­ves our Zeit­geist deman­ds for a life­style peop­le want to pur­sue, whe­re pro­gres­si­ve ide­as fos­ter posi­ti­ve chan­ge for the socie­ty of today. Becau­se pre­mi­um fashion that does not harm the pla­net is not only inspi­ring, dyna­mic, sty­lish and idea­listic – the free­dom of not having to choo­se bet­ween design qua­li­ty and sus­taina­bi­li­ty enab­les us to a uni­que and indi­vi­du­al style. It lets us be sov­er­eign and self-con­fi­dent, which at the same time inspi­res us to make bet­ter decisi­ons and to make the world a bet­ter place to live in.

A focus on the essence of life – the four elements

We aim for the crea­ti­on of design eye­we­ar, which tells real sto­ries that sti­mu­la­te heads and hearts; sto­ries to chan­ce per­spec­ti­ve and beha­vi­ors. As real as the inspi­ra­ti­on for our new cam­pai­gn: the four true ele­ments, which shaped and moved the world, brought balan­ce and built the cor­ner­stone of earth sin­ce the very begin­ning of time – WATER, EARTH, FIRE and AIR. In the four collec­tions WATER, AIR, FIRE and EARTH, we cele­bra­te a clear atti­tu­de and stream­li­ned visi­on for the year. 

Pre­sen­ting a mix of sun­glas­ses and opti­cal models that incor­po­ra­te inno­va­ti­ve design and avant­gar­de ele­ments. The first released models of the water collec­tion are made from natu­ral­PX. 65% of this inno­va­ti­ve bio-based poly­ami­de is obtai­ned from the oil, orga­ni­cal­ly grown cas­tor plants. The remai­ning 35% are regu­lar poly­mers, which are necessa­ry for the strength and elasti­ci­ty of the mate­ri­al. natu­ral­PX hel­ps to redu­ce the CO2 foot­print and at the same time to deve­lop and manu­fac­tu­re high-per­for­mance glas­ses in a wide ran­ge of sty­lish colors and finishes. 

While mut­ed ear­thy tones, pas­tels and off-colors reflect the natu­ral light­ness and ease what the collec­tion stands for, the frames impress with a mini­ma­list, but expres­si­ve style. By using bio-based mate­ri­als like natu­ral­PX and natural3D, along with resour­ce-effi­ci­ent pro­duc­tion methods, the collec­tion empha­si­zes an own pionee­ring spi­rit. Timeless stain­less steel frames round the assem­bly off. All designs com­bi­ne fle­xi­bi­li­ty, sta­bi­li­ty, resi­li­en­ce, dura­bi­li­ty and com­fort. The use of natu­ral ele­ments such as flo­ra, ligh­t­ing, shadows and tex­tures are used to accen­tua­te this mind­set in a visu­al manner.


An urge to use the hig­hest eco-friend­ly stan­dards and sus­tainab­le as well as inno­va­ti­ve mate­ri­als for a com­for­ta­ble all-day wear, is com­bi­ned by the crea­ti­on of glas­ses in a dis­tinct design – ori­gi­na­ting in a pro­duct that stands out from the mas­ses. Pre­mi­um eye­we­ar, not desi­gned for everyone’s tas­te, but surely always recognizable.

Our visi­on is to bring more pre­mi­ums to the peop­le. Pre­mi­um for NEU­BAU means sus­taina­bi­li­ty, respon­si­bi­li­ty and design. Becau­se we belie­ve that pre­mi­um is the best way to care about our pla­net. And the only way that resol­ves the people’s con­flict of wan­ting a bet­ter world and living the good life.
Becau­se some­ti­mes, we just have to chan­ge our per­spec­ti­ve to chan­ge the world.

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