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Blog­ger Caro­la Pojer from VIEN­NA WEDE­KIND about her favo­ri­te neigh­bor­hood, the per­fect pair of glas­ses and fashion

Simplicity, quality, Vienna. These three words will definitely be mentioned when talking about Carola Pojer.

She foun­ded her blog VIEN­NA WEDE­KIND in 2011; what star­ted as a hob­by quick­ly tur­ned out to be an inter­na­tio­nal­ly suc­cess­ful one-woman busi­ness, crow­ned with the tit­le as Best Fashion Blog’ by the Aus­tri­an Blog Awards in 2013. The ambi­tious woman accom­plis­hes to stay exci­ting and new without loo­sing her signa­tu­re style, cha­rac­te­ri­zed by mini­ma­listic but femi­ni­ne loo­ks and stun­nin­gly beau­ti­ful pho­to­gra­phy. The lat­ter isn’t a big sur­pri­se as she mas­te­red an edu­ca­ti­on in pho­to­gra­phy befo­re going onto stu­dy dra­ma. Caro­la is a mul­ti­fa­ce­ted woman who allows her rea­ders to par­ti­ci­pa­te in her diver­se life. Just the same as with her most recent blog post about Vienna’s Neu­bau district, the inspi­ra­tio­nal bree­ding ground of neu­bau eye­we­ar. We caught up with her to talk about the exci­ting neigh­bor­hood, fashion and the per­fect pair of glas­ses.

On your blog you show­ed your rea­ders around in Vien­na’s Neu­bau district. What do you like best about this neigh­bor­hood? What makes it spe­cial to you?
While Vien­na is known for its typi­cal old cafés, Neu­bau district is full of modern ver­si­ons that trans­la­te the tra­di­tio­nal image into today’s style. Also shop­ping-wise this area is dif­fe­rent to the rest of the town – here the­re is a lot hap­pe­ning. New fashion and design stores, main­ly from Scan­di­na­via, have recent­ly ope­ned in Neu­bau; Week­day, COS, Hay. Befo­re that, in the blog­ger sce­ne, I was some­ti­mes a bit out on a limb with my mini­ma­list, redu­ced style… Now here are many small inte­rior stores and second hand bou­ti­ques. It gives the area a real­ly uni­que and exci­ting cha­rac­ter that you can’t real­ly find in other Vien­nese neigh­bor­hoods. The who­le atmo­s­phe­re in the first district for examp­le is only desi­gned to plea­se the tou­rists whe­re­as the seventh district is for the nati­ves, for the young, for crea­ti­ve peop­le. Here you can find many wri­ters, direc­tors, actors and musi­ci­ans — and you defi­ni­te­ly feel that.

Did you never have the wish to move to ano­t­her city?
At one point I was thin­king about moving to Ber­lin – howe­ver, when you’re a blog­ger you can work from any­whe­re. And I’m qui­te often in Ger­ma­ny any­way. Even though my boy­friend is Ger­man he doesn’t want to lea­ve Vien­na becau­se he finds it so gre­at and liv­a­ble. With all the deve­lo­p­ment here I can under­stand that and I defi­ni­te­ly feel the same about the city now, I real­ly don’t have any rea­son to move away. I tra­vel so much that it’s nice to have a quiet home base. Espe­cial­ly as Vien­na is no fashion city, that’s so pleasant!

What does a day in your life look like? Or does some­thing like rou­ti­ne even exist in your busy job?
I try to be in the office at 9 in the morning. Usual­ly I wri­te my texts befo­re mid­day becau­se my con­cen­tra­ti­on is bet­ter. After that I ans­wer all the mails and in the after­noon I visit show­rooms, have mee­tings, give inter­views, plan the next day’s out­fit and do some loca­ti­on scou­ting. Fin­ding the per­fect loca­ti­on is essen­ti­al for my pho­to shoots as I don’t want to stand in front of a ran­dom wall on a ran­dom street so ins­tead I look for loca­ti­ons that match the out­fit, tell a sto­ry and crea­te an atmo­s­phe­re. That’s why I’m con­stant­ly wal­king around in Vien­na. To stay orga­ni­zed I work with strict edi­to­ri­al plan, I wouldn’t know how to deal with all the work without having a wee­kly over­view. Howe­ver, never unde­re­sti­ma­te the huge amount of work – for me the clas­sic Fri­day doesn’t exist, my week has six or even seven days. All my tra­ve­ling is ano­t­her rea­son for that, when I come back home I need to catch up on a lot of work. And, of cour­se, the social media; you’re never off­line what can be boon and bane.

What’s the best thing about your job?
The tra­vel­ling and all the exci­ting peop­le that I meet ever­y­whe­re, all the con­ver­sa­ti­ons I have with them. Luck­i­ly the rumor that blog­gers do only take pho­tos of cup­ca­kes is now con­fu­t­ed – when you’re a full time blog­ger it’s so much hard work. I’m doing all the depart­ments of a maga­zi­ne by my own; gra­phics, pro­gramming, chief edi­tor, pho­to­gra­phic edi­tor, ever­ything. It’s an exhaus­ting job that cer­tain­ly gives a lot back to you.

Being self-employ­ed can some­ti­mes be hard, espe­cial­ly in the crea­ti­ve field. What is the most important les­son you’ve learnt in your work life so far?
Hard work pays off. You defi­ni­te­ly need a long breath in this job field, but in the end hard work and qua­li­ty will be reco­gni­zed and che­ris­hed. You should never let today’s star blog­gers and it-girls get to you – they won’t be around for a long time any­way. I pre­fer stan­ding for con­sis­ten­cy, qua­li­ty and doing my own thing in my own pace. Second les­son: From the out­side, from an Insta­gram per­spec­ti­ve, it always seems as if the others were having the per­fect life. Even though I’m also a per­fec­tio­n­ist – I’m a ligh­t­ing fana­tic, all my pic­tures need to be bright and per­fect­ly illu­mi­na­ted. Howe­ver you should always keep in mind that not everything’s beau­ti­ful and that they take a lot of pho­tos befo­re pos­ting one, that’s nor­mal. I’m sure that my other col­leagues sit­ting at home, having the same thoughts, too.

When tra­vel­ling, which three essen­ti­als are always in your bag?
Sun glas­ses, earplugs, camera.

When you grew up did you ever get any fashion advice from your mother or grand­mo­ther that still sticks in your head?
My fami­ly didn’t real­ly give me any advice, fashion-wise. My mom and grand­mo­ther sewed a lot of clothes them­sel­ves. To them it was real­ly important that clothes have a good qua­li­ty. They’ve taught me that you don’t need a 1,000 things in your ward­ro­be and I still have the same opi­ni­on. I pre­fer buy­ing less, but with a high qua­li­ty so that you can enjoy the clothes for lon­ger. My own fashion advice is the three color style rule’. Blue, white, grey or black, white, gold – never more than three dif­fe­rent colors in one out­fit. Fol­lowing that rule you can crea­te a nice, balan­ced look and you’re always on the safe side.

As fashion plays such a big role in your life, how do you defi­ne that term for you?
Fashion is a huge, huge play­ground. Of cour­se it reflects your per­so­na­li­ty, but some­ti­mes it’s cool to coun­ter­act and to play with that depen­ding on how you feel. Fashion is an extre­me expres­si­on of your well­being and your self-confidence.

Do you some­ti­mes have pro­blems with fin­ding new and crea­ti­ve ide­as for out­fits?
Yes, most of the time! I spend so much time online and look at things that I some­ti­mes for­get who I real­ly am. But that’s non­sen­se and I need to come down becau­se it’s still me, it’s still my intui­ti­on. Most of the time I just go away from the lap­top, lea­ve the city and I get a lot of new inspi­ra­ti­on on my tra­vels of course.

How would you descri­be your style?
Simp­le with an edge. Femi­ni­ne sub­li­mi­ty with a dash of off-duty and a bit relaxed.

Access­ories, like glas­ses, can total­ly chan­ge a look. What makes a pair of glas­ses the per­fect ones for you?
Spe­cial and at the same time incon­spi­cuous, so that I could wear them every day. A reli­able com­pa­n­ion, a safe haven — some­ti­mes I like to hide behind them. It’s an acces­so­ry that com­ple­tes a who­le look. As I said I don’t like them to be super fan­cy, I don’t need all that tiger-cat-eye-cra­zi­ness, but glas­ses that always fit with a cool, not too big frame. It’s not important if they are opti­cal or with plain glass, they just have to blend in the over­all pic­tu­re and suit the per­son who’s wea­ring them.

Tal­king about glas­ses — what’s your favo­ri­te Neu­bau Eye­we­ar frame?
Lin­da’ in clear glass optic. Honest­ly I don’t need opti­cal glas­ses, so I cho­se one with plain glass, just becau­se it per­fects a who­le look. Lin­da’ is so simp­le but as soon as you’re wea­ring it you real­ly see the boom fac­tor! Ano­t­her thing that I like is that the frames are all named after employees. The colors are fabu­lous. Neu­bau eye­we­ar com­bi­nes the modern urba­ni­ty of Vienna’s epony­mous 7th district with sim­pli­ci­ty and design. When buy­ing them you immedia­te­ly get a good fee­ling becau­se you know it’s a long-term investment.

Could you give us a tip on how to style Lin­da’ best?
Not too long ago I sty­led Lin­da’ with a black, long slip dress, a car­di­gan and chucks. Today I’m wea­ring the glas­ses with an off-shoul­der top, a stri­ped skirt and high-heels – a more femi­ni­ne look. Howe­ver, you can com­bi­ne the glas­ses in any way you want, even with jeans and a tshirt!

If you had to cho­se: who’s your all-time favo­ri­te wea­rer of glas­ses?
The­re are so many! But I have to go with Andy Warhol.

Fea­tured Image by Phil­ipp Lipiarski

23 Juni 2016 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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