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Behind the sce­nes at the vien­na­con­tem­pora­ry with graf­fi­ti artist Mario Muresan

Did someone say ‘hangover brunch’? Everything you missed at the viennacontemporary and more.

What’s bet­ter than a brunch? A han­go­ver brunch after the vien­na­con­tem­pora­ry in col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with The Art Gor­ge­ous, of course. 

Taking place last mon­th, the vien­na­con­tem­pora­ry invi­tes art lovers to enjoy a uni­que view into the vibrant con­tem­pora­ry art sce­ne of Cen­tral and Eas­tern Euro­pe. Someo­ne who has a uni­que view, and a uni­que and usual­ly ever-chan­ging can­vas, graf­fi­ti artist Mario Muresan shared his crea­ti­ve talents with the brunch guests by reinven­ting the neu­bau glas­ses cases with his eye-catching aesthetic. 

We chat­ted to this dyna­mic artist about ever­ything from sus­taina­bi­li­ty to fin­ding inspi­ra­ti­on in unex­pec­ted spaces.

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What was your high­light from viennacontemporary?

While I was illus­tra­ting the eye­glass cases, I stop­ped drawing from time to time to see how peop­le react to my illus­tra­ti­ons. I was fil­led with joy knowing that some peop­le went home that day with a smi­le on their face and with my art in their hands. Put­ting a smi­le on someo­ne else’s face, tha­t’s the best high­light I can think of. 

How important is it for you to enga­ge with other artists and other works of art? 

I am at a point whe­re I con­stant­ly try to learn, pro­gress and push my art to the next level. To pro­gress, it’s important to find a good balan­ce bet­ween stu­dy­ing other artists and their works of art and stu­dy­ing yourself. I con­stant­ly try to find ways and oppor­tu­nities to con­nect and learn from others as much as I can. 

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How do you stay crea­ti­ve in an indus­try that deman­ds it?

Rela­xa­ti­on — tha­t’s the key. Stres­sed-indu­ced crea­ti­vi­ty is not a long-term stra­te­gy.” In order for my mind to come up with new con­cepts and ide­as, I need to have a calm and rela­xed sta­te of mind. As weird or cli­ché it might sound; sleep, exer­cis­ing, going out and taking time off, play a big part in my life in order to stay crea­ti­ve. All of the­se simp­le and basic things help me gain peace of mind, stay balan­ced and cope with stress during waking hours. If my mind is rela­xed, it will always come up with new con­cepts and ideas. 

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What inspi­res you?

I love skate­boar­ding. Tha­t’s a huge source of inspi­ra­ti­on for me. Skate­boar­ding is a very inde­pen­dent form of artis­tic expres­si­on. You will find the most crea­ti­ve, uni­que, inde­pen­dent and open-min­ded peop­le in the skate com­mu­ni­ty. The skate cul­tu­re is a vibrant, free and ever-evol­ving phe­no­me­non. The­re are no rules, no coa­ches, just you and your board and this big skate com­mu­ni­ty of like-min­ded indi­vi­du­als com­ing tog­e­ther to have fun. And we do have fun, trust me. ;-)

Ano­t­her big source of inspi­ra­ti­on for me is the hip-hop cul­tu­re and it’s four ele­ments: DJing, MCing, Break­dance and graf­fi­ti. I am so pas­sio­na­te about this cul­tu­re becau­se hip-hop is more than an art form. It’s a social move­ment that values art as a form of dis­rup­t­ing the norm and crea­ting a dia­lo­gue that encou­ra­ges socie­tal chan­ge. From the clothes I choo­se to wear to the music I lis­ten to and the drawings I make, ever­ything is influ­en­ced by tho­se pas­si­ons and interests.

But if you take a clo­ser look at all tho­se inte­rests of mine, you can noti­ce that all of them have some­thing in com­mon and that is: peop­le. Peop­le inspi­re me the most. A big part of the inspi­ra­ti­on for my drawings comes from my dai­ly social inter­ac­tions. If I hear someo­ne say­ing some­thing ran­dom but I find it to be a good idea for a drawing, I quick­ly note it down in my pho­ne or sketch­book. I have lots of ran­dom phra­ses that peop­le said saved in my pho­ne becau­se I found them to be inte­res­ting and poten­ti­al uni­que ide­as for my future illus­tra­ti­ons. So yeah, peop­le are a big inspi­ra­ti­on source for me.

08 Okt. 2019 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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