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Artist to watch: Gadir Rajab and his new old style of fashion photography

I once wrote an essay that was completely focused on fashion photography today and how does our current technological milieu fundamentally alter fashion photography as we know it (oh, if you were wondering where is this going, Gadir is a photographer)…

Back then I wro­te The fashion indus­try becau­se of social media is at the moment ent­ran­ced by front-end, con­su­mer-facing inno­va­ti­on, that over­ro­de what we know as a tra­di­tio­nal pho­to­gra­phy and pre­sen­ta­ti­on. Tech-enab­led metho­do­lo­gies deli­ver dif­fe­rent results as we know it, all visu­al infor­ma­ti­ons are pushed, pul­led and shared at every media the­re is, and as a result, we are wit­nessing the lack of qua­li­ty, as in this sta­ge it’s more about the quan­ti­ty. Ever­ything is advan­cing at a rapid rate, dis­cou­ra­ging smar­ter, infor­med decisi­on-making.. ” So now we come to Gadir — he is exact­ly what fashion pho­to­gra­phy in this day and age needs. He is still pret­ty much old-school’ and loo­ks like he can’t be bothe­red with anything. His pho­tos are simp­le, self-explana­to­ry, allu­ring, enchan­ting and sim­ply — cool.

Gadir is Mel­bourne born — Syd­ney based pho­to­gra­pher who’s dis­tinc­ti­ve eye caught the atten­ti­on of publi­ca­ti­ons like Vice, Oys­ter and Acc­laim Maga­zi­ne. What we love about Gadir is the non-pre­ten­sious­nes in his pho­tos and the youth­ful atti­tu­de they pos­sess, without being kit­schy or chil­dish. We love the way he uses ligh­t­ing, his fee­ling for com­po­si­ti­on… Some­ti­mes the­re is just no need for cra­zy inven­ti­ons and supe­ri­or tech­ni­que! Fee­ling, tas­te, simp­le know­ledge, obser­va­ti­on of sur­roun­dings and being pre­sent is good enough, it’s more than good! I mean when they’ said less is more’, they’ were right. And that’s why we think Gadir is tru­ly the one to watch! With a tas­te and fee­ling like his, we are pret­ty sure he has a solid and long las­ting care­er ahead of him. Oh, and did we men­ti­on he makes kick ass lasa­gna!? Just one more thing to love!

What makes you want to take pic­tures?
I real­ly enjoy doing it and it gets bet­ter by age. New bet­ter expe­ri­en­ces around the world. Working with other crea­ti­ve peop­le you real­ly look upto and docu­men­ting it all.

Have you ever taken a per­fect pic­tu­re?
No, I haven’t.

What makes some­thing spe­cial for you?
The way it makes me feel. The poten­ti­al memo­ries I have of it.

Whe­re do you find beau­ty?
In ever­y­day life it can be through inter­ac­tions, moments, tra­vel etc.

Do you think you are easy to work with?
I would like to think I am easy to work with, I try and be super posi­ti­ve on set. Other peo­p­le’s moods gene­ral­ly dic­ta­te how I’ll feel. I defi­ni­te­ly like to be around posi­ti­ve peop­le for work.

How do your par­ents feel about the pic­tures you take?
They like wha­te­ver I do if it makes me hap­py. They migra­ted to Aus­tra­lia from the war in the midd­le east 30 years ago. They are glad that I have the oppur­tini­ty to pur­sue some­thing crea­ti­ve I like. It wasn’t some­thing that they got to enjoy.

Are you con­fi­dent doing what you do?
I’m con­fi­dent at this moment, yes.

What did you want to be gro­wing up?
I wan­ted to work with ani­mals. A zoo­lo­gist would have been ideal.

Do you enjoy being a pho­to­gra­pher, is that it’ for you, you want to do that till the rest of your life?
I enjoy pho­to­gra­phy a lot. Some­ti­mes it can be stress­ful but for now this is what I want to do. I defi­ni­te­ly have other inte­rests that I would like to poten­ti­al­ly pur­sue in the future.

What do you fear?
The direc­tion the world is going down. Social­ly and Economically.

Do you think the timing is ever­ything?
I have had some gre­at oppor­tu­nities ari­se in the past year and I feel it was becau­se I was in the right place at the right time. I do belie­ve timing with anything can bet­ter the opportunity.

Do you think the trick to be lik­ed and popu­lar, is to be rele­vant?
I don’t think the­re is a trick to being lik­ed. It just happens.

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