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Artist of the mon­th: chat­ting with Lukas Korschan

We chat with Lukas Korschan about his life trotting the globe, capturing photographs and channelling creativity.

With an impres­si­ve reper­toire of cli­ents inclu­ding VSCO, Nike, Nudie Jeans, and Mer­ce­dez Benz, his crea­ti­ve bre­adth does not go amiss. Lukas’ style is crisp and clean cut, he effec­tively uses light to illu­mi­na­te the beau­ty in ever­y­day, mun­da­ne objects. His non­cha­lant aes­the­tic has a sen­se of cla­ri­ty that is both inten­se­ly satisfy­ing and curious­ly intri­guing. As our artist of the mon­th, we gave Kor­schan some neu­bau eye­we­ar glas­ses and he shot them on a Mal­di­vi­an island…

Can you tell us a litt­le bit about yourself and what you’re up to at the moment?
My name is Lukas Kor­schan and I am pho­to­gra­pher based bet­ween Ber­lin and Lon­don. Right now I am try­ing to enjoy Ber­lin sum­mer as much as pos­si­ble while working.

What first lured you into the world of pho­to­gra­phy?
I have always been a very visu­al per­son but was never inte­res­ted or pro­per­ly intro­du­ced to pho­to­gra­phy or the art world. When I was 20 I just star­ted expe­ri­men­ting with a came­ra that I tra­ded for a pair of shoes and that was it.

How would you descri­be your thought pro­cess when it comes to taking pho­tos — does your pho­to­gra­phy oscil­la­te along a par­ti­cu­lar set of the­mes? Do you aim for your work to make peop­le feel a cer­tain way?
I real­ly like a sub­t­le sen­se of humour in pho­tos, but it’s not some­thing I aim for. I think it’s just some­thing I am drawn to and so it’s a part of my work. Fin­ding beau­ty in very mun­da­ne sce­nes is some­thing I like as well.

You shoot in a varie­ty of pla­ces across the world but seem to most­ly split your time bet­ween Frank­furt, Lon­don and Ber­lin, what draws you to the­se three pla­ces?
Gro­wing up in Frank­furt, it still feels very homey to me and I have good friends the­re and get inspi­red by it a lot. Ber­lin is very chill and afford­a­ble whe­re­as Lon­don pushes you to dri­ve for­ward and has a gre­at ener­gy. I just real­ly enjoy wan­de­ring bet­ween the­se places.

Out­side of the­se Euro­pean cities, your work takes you to all cor­ners of the glo­be, do you have any memo­r­able moments in favou­rite cities?
Oh the­re were too many – I just hope the­re are still a lot more to come. I would actual­ly love to tra­vel to a varie­ty of Afri­can coun­tries I have never been to. Hope that the future holds this for me.

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You have been super busy over the past few years working on inte­res­ting pro­jects, can you tell us about them and whe­ther they are all con­nec­ted in any way?
I came from wri­ting, to PR, brand con­sul­ting, worked on dif­fe­rent maga­zi­ne for­mats and pro­jects that lead to pho­to­gra­phing full time right now. I am still try­ing to figu­re out mys­elf how they are con­nec­ted and whe­re the jour­ney goes – I guess my inte­rest in pho­to­gra­phy was and is always the gol­den thread though.

How do you per­cei­ve the pho­to­gra­phy land­s­cape at the moment and how do you see yourself as a part of it?
I feel like its very roman­tic and nost­al­gic right now – whe­re­ver you look you find ana­lo­gue pho­to­gra­phy the­se days, espe­cial­ly in fashion. With my per­so­nal work I only shoot strai­ght up digi­tal the­se days and find it pret­ty refreshing.

What/​who do you con­si­der to be your grea­test crea­ti­ve influ­en­ces?
I get inspi­red by a lot of things, such as music, movies, see­ing exhi­bi­ti­ons, having inte­res­ting con­ver­sa­ti­ons, dig­ging in child­hood memo­ries or stu­dy­ing mas­ters of their fields.

Can you tell us a bit more about the shoot for neu­bau eye­we­ar? Whe­re did you shoot the glas­ses, what was the sto­ry you wan­ted to tell?
I shoot it on the Mal­di­ves during a stroll on a small island. The stroll was actual­ly not too long sin­ce I could round the who­le island in about 15 minu­tes. It was fun though!

And final­ly, what’s in store for the future? Any more new, exci­ting pro­jects we should look out for?
Right now I work on some fun com­mer­cial and edi­to­ri­al pro­jects as well as on my first book – real­ly exci­ted about this one actually.

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Head over to his Insta­gram for more inspi­ra­ti­on @lukaskorschan

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