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Art Lovers’ Gui­des to the Euro­pean crea­ti­ve hubs

See the world through a new lens, get inspired with a dose of art and culture.

Art enab­les us to find our­sel­ves and lose our­sel­ves at the same time.” — Tho­mas Merton

As the tem­pe­ra­tu­re dips, so too does our desi­re to explo­re out­side the con­fi­nes of our cozy homes, but real­ly this is the time when we should seek crea­ti­ve inspi­ra­ti­on and aes­the­tic insight in the muse­ums and gal­le­ries of our favo­ri­te cities. We’re com­pi­ling a list of our most-loved cities for artis­tic adven­tures and we hope you’ll tag along. 


With impe­ri­al gran­deur and baro­que sce­nes, Vien­na is the cul­tu­ral escape that deli­vers almost as soon as you arri­ve. Explo­re the pala­ti­al pala­ces or plan your muse­um visits at one of the city’s famous cof­fee­houses, but wha­te­ver you do, be sure to put Vien­na on your bucket list. An utter­ly immer­si­ve expe­ri­ence for tho­se see­king a whirl­wind romance with Euro­pean art, music, lite­ra­tu­re, and archi­tec­tu­re, Vien­na is a cul­tu­ral tre­a­su­re tro­ve. Each neigh­bor­hood wit­hin the city is uni­que with much to offer and we our­sel­ves are named after the 7th district, Neu­bau. As the crea­ti­ve hub of the city, Neu­bau is fil­led with gal­le­ries, cafes, shops and other cul­tu­ral hot­spots that one can spend hours wan­de­ring through. Attrac­ting a youn­ger, more urban popu­la­ti­on, we must recom­mend making a trip to one of the coo­lest pockets of the city, that we take gre­at pri­de in cal­ling our home and source of inspiration. 

While Neu­bau is the flou­ris­hing cen­ter for new art gal­le­ries and exhi­bi­ti­ons, we also recom­mend you check out Kunst­hal­le Wien. The cur­rent exhi­bit by Andre­as For­gasi, Nine Buil­dings, Stip­ped is the curious explo­ra­ti­on by the artist on the ever-chan­ging Aus­tri­an capi­tal. While the chan­ging face of cities, has been a fasci­na­ting sub­ject for many artists, Fogarasi’s take on this mat­ter is refres­hing. Through appro­pria­ting frag­ments of recent­ly demo­lis­hed buil­dings as well as the ones that replace them, he crea­ted a sculp­tu­ral docu­men­ta­ti­on that show­ca­ses the rapidly shif­ting faca­de of his home through a new per­spec­ti­ve. We defi­ni­te­ly sug­gest making the trip. 

3 Ausstellungsansicht Andreas Fogarasi Nine Buildings Stripped JA 1


A pho­to­ge­nic sea­si­de city with the cul­tu­ral clout to rival the very best in the world, Bar­ce­lo­na is the heart and soul of Spain. From anci­ent mas­ter­pie­ces to modern show­stop­pers and so much more, it’s easy to under­stand why there’s almost no such thing as a one-time visi­tor to Bar­ce­lo­na. As soon as you’ve arri­ved, you’re very likely to alrea­dy be plan­ning your next visit. With jaw-drop­ping archi­tec­tu­ral attrac­tions and mar­ve­lous muse­ums, this city over-deli­vers when it comes to culture. 

As one of Europe’s big­gest cul­tu­ral hubs, the­re is no dearth of muse­ums, exhi­bi­ti­ons and gal­le­ries, but our recom­men­da­ti­on is Knot­ting the Space, works by Aurè­lia Muñoz (19262011). Best known for tex­ti­le rese­arch, this exhi­bit is a collec­tion of Muñoz’s drawings, tapestries, tex­ti­le pie­ces as well as a look into the artists’ methods and techniques. 

Aurelia munoz cometa ancorat


Less tou­ris­ty than Rome and admit­ted­ly far less beau­ti­ful than Flo­rence, yet Milan mana­ges to pack a punch when it comes to old-world romance and all-out charm. Packed with cul­tu­ral gems and inspi­ring artis­tic sites, Milan is home to some of the most intri­guing gal­le­ries in Ita­ly. From his­to­ric must-sees to modern mas­ter­pie­ces, a world of crea­ti­ve rich­ness awaits art lovers in Milan. 

Our recom­men­da­ti­on for Milan is not one of the more clas­si­cal muse­ums (alt­hough that should not be given a miss eit­her), but ins­tead, we sug­gest stop­ping by the Museo del­le Cul­tu­re (MUDEC). Their exhi­bit, Fami­ly, is a collec­tion of 60 pho­to­graphs selec­ted by the artist, Elli­ot Erwitt, hims­elf, and explo­res the intri­caci­es of fami­li­al rela­ti­ons­hips, recrea­ting our more tra­di­tio­nal sen­se of the word.

FRANCE Paris 1989 PAR84056 5 55 01 PM


Perhaps the more alter­na­ti­ve of the lot, Ber­lin has been recei­ving a lot of atten­ti­on late­ly, and right­ly so. A com­bi­na­ti­on of its libe­ral poli­tics, crea­ti­ve free­dom and cheap rent has attrac­ted a lot of young, avant-gar­de talent who con­tri­bu­te to the rest­less exci­te­ment that is pal­p­a­ble in the city. 

When thin­king about the con­tri­bu­ti­on of Ger­man influ­ence on art and design, it is impos­si­ble to not dis­cuss Bau­haus. To com­me­mo­ra­te one hund­red years of the move­ment, we recom­mend visi­t­ing the Ber­li­ni­sche Gal­le­rie for their detail­ed exhi­bi­ti­on ori­gi­nal bau­haus. The Gal­le­ry is pre­sen­ting famous, fami­li­ar and for­got­ten Bau­haus ori­gi­nals and recoun­ting the histo­ry behind the objects with spe­cial focus on four­te­en key objects from which they deve­lop four­te­en case stu­dies taking a look at the Bau­haus legacy. 

Sitzende Breuersessel


No for­mal intro­duc­tion is requi­red. World-renow­ned for its awe-inspi­ring artis­tic attrac­tions, his­to­ric sites and muse­ums, and of cour­se, joie de viv­re, one does not sim­ply visit Paris, one falls in love with Paris and begins a lifel­ong romance. Dis­co­ver a city whe­re old-world gla­mour meets con­tem­pora­ry trail­bla­zers along with an unmistaka­ble style that mani­fests on almost every street corner. 

Musée Zad­ki­ne is giving us a rea­son to take a walk through the forest in peak win­ter, an acti­vi­ty we wouldn’t other­wi­se recom­mend. Their new exhi­bit, The Drea­mer of the Forest, brings tog­e­ther near­ly a hund­red works from for­ty dif­fe­rent artists. It explo­res the human fasci­na­ti­on made of fear and enchant­ment that the forest arou­ses in the com­mon ima­gi­na­ti­on. With the rise of eco­lo­gi­cal con­cerns, this exhi­bi­ti­on is an inte­res­ting form of enga­ge­ment with a pres­sing mat­ter of our time.

Laure prouvot id36200 2 copier 4 39 22 PM


Bold­ly tra­ver­sing the tigh­tro­pe bet­ween his­to­ric and hip with an unassuming air, Brussels is one of Europe’s most under­ra­ted tre­a­su­res. Expect art deco faca­des at one turn and con­tem­pora­ry cool at the next and then you’ve got a pret­ty good pic­tu­re of this dyna­mic city that seems to be bloo­m­ing art from every street cor­ner. If you’re loo­king for a dose of crea­ti­ve inspi­ra­ti­on, bet on Brussels and let yourself be sur­pri­sed by the Bel­gi­um capital’s cul­tu­ral cache. 

The con­tem­pora­ry art sce­ne in Brussels is thri­ving, as evi­den­ced by the HIT exhi­bit at KANAL- Cent­re Pom­pi­dou. HIT is a col­la­bo­ra­ti­on bet­ween cura­tor and artist Els Ver­mang and artist Clau­dia Radu­les­cu con­sis­ting of musi­cal com­po­si­ti­on IMPOS­TU­RE, and spa­ti­al instal­la­ti­on MPSTR, descri­bed as a fusi­on of music, visu­al arts and pop culture. 



What can be said about Lon­don that hasn’t alrea­dy been said? Not much, and perhaps this is the appeal — ever­yo­ne loves Lon­don and you can find love let­ters to the city in its cul­tu­ral land­marks, lite­ra­tu­re, and art. Stee­ped in histo­ry and but with an ever­las­ting youth­ful eye on the future, Lon­don never tires of its role as one of the world’s favou­rite cul­tu­ral muses.

If you find yourself in Lon­don, it might be worth your while to take some time out to check the Design Muse­um. Their cur­rent exhi­bit Moving to Mars is an immer­si­ve expe­ri­ence crea­ting an envi­ron­ment that con­sists of about 200 objects inclu­ding con­tri­bu­ti­ons from NASA, the Euro­pean Space Agen­cy and SpaceX. Chal­len­ging us to think about the rea­li­ties of dai­ly life on mars as we stri­ve towards the goal of zero was­te and a clean ener­gy powe­red alter­na­te civilization. 

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