Blog 1610 Anna Wegelin

Frame of min­d’s artist of the mon­th: Anna Wegelin

This artist of the month takes the phrase: 'what's cooking good looking?' as a literal slogan.

Anna Wege­lin uses basic house­hold meals and trans­forms them into the Gise­le Bünd­chen of the food world. Her con­cepts of still life image­ry are revo­lu­tio­na­ry wit­hin the food indus­try as she incor­po­ra­tes her fashion expie­rence into her pho­to­gra­phy, making basic bur­gers look like a high bud­get fashion editorial.

Blog 1610 Neubau Anna Wegelin

What makes food bet­ter than fashion?
Well it tas­tes bet­ter for sure. Other than that I find food more honest. Food brings peop­le and cul­tures tog­e­ther. No boar­ders, no anxie­ty it’s actual­ly some­thing very power­ful we all can use to spread more love.

Do you cook all the deli­cious tre­ats yourself?
Yes, I do. It actual­ly star­ted with coo­king and not with pho­to­gra­phy. That is just some­thing I did to sta­ge the food the way I wan­ted to. The love for food took me the­re. And I love dif­fer­ent­ly, never tou­ch­ing the ground. Being nai­ve as but­ter can be. Drea­ming like the­re is no rea­li­ty. Fee­lings. That’s the stuff that makes me and my work.

*not­hing against but­ter though. I’m an addict.

Whe­re do you go when you need to find inspi­ra­ti­on?
See­king for inspi­ra­ti­on is like see­king for hap­pi­ness. Don’t do it. What works for me the best is being zen. No thin­king, no inspi­ra­ti­on just ack­now­led­ging the beau­ty in life. Every time I do ride that rain­bow I feel ever­ything falls into place and ide­as or ans­wers are com­ing without asking for.

What role does your Kazhak­stan ori­gin play in your life?
I always loved my rus­si­an roots and my nomad type of life. But when I was young I lived in pla­ces whe­re peop­le star­ted hating me just becau­se I had a dif­fe­rent cul­tu­re back­ground. I never unders­tood why, but today I feel like I have to cele­bra­te and live my roots and cul­tu­re even more just to share and show peop­le how beau­ti­ful diver­se cul­tures can be. I feel rich becau­se I’m dif­fe­rent and I want to put that in my life and work.

You can only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what is it?
Tough ques­ti­on. But I think it would be blu­e­ber­ry pan­ca­kes with a lot of map­le syrup and bacon. Yes.

Whe­re do you go out for din­ner?
Usual­ly when I go out I love having liquid din­ner. Just becau­se whenever I want real­ly nice food I stay at home and make mys­elf the most yum­miest din­ner. But that always ends in food coma so yeah liquid din­ner when I go out. The­re is one place in Ham­burg I love so much I always go to. It’s Daru­ma, a Japa­ne­se home coo­king restau­rant. So good.

What would you cook for a fami­ly get tog­e­ther?
Oh man my fami­ly is cra­zy but I love them. The last time I coo­ked for my fami­ly it was my bir­th­day and I made them among other things this oni­on rosé cake. I put all my hap­py and good vibes that i had in this cake and it tur­ned out ama­zing. My fami­ly and friends know that I usual­ly would not drop that word ama­zing in com­bi­na­ti­on with me but that savory cake was pret­ty damn good.

What’s your dream (work-)project?
Too many dreams though. But the­re is one big­ger pro­ject I star­ted. It’s a book. It’s this who­le rus­si­an, who are you pro­ject, com­bi­ned with food. I’m moving to Sankt Peters­burg for a while to figu­re out some things and to zen out. Somehow I think that is the begin­ning of a dream I could not even dream of. And if not, fuck it! I have a huge jar full of dreams. Drea­ming I love and I might be spen­ding my who­le life doing this and if it doesn’t work out at least I tried.

Fea­tured image taken from Anna Wege­lin

18 Okt. 2016 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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