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The­se ama­zing peop­le fell in love with neu­bau eyewear

We, as a young brand, feel very honored to say that some of the most inspiring people in the creative industry love our eyewear as much as we do.

From blog­gers and pho­to­graph­ers to models and musi­ci­ans – here’s a short round up of our per­so­nal heroes. Thanks a lot to all of you!

Mila Pla­za

This Insta­gram god­dess does­n’t only know how to always wear the most ama­zing out­fits, but most import­ant­ly she is a real pro when it comes to chan­ging the digi­tal world.

Ajda Sitar

The Slo­ve­ni­an model/ blogger/​law student/​tra­vel addict shows on her feed the best bits of her exci­ting life.

Antho­ny Urbano

The NY based Antho­ny Urba­no turns every day into some­thing very spe­cial – thanks to his out­stan­ding looks!

Sabri­na Meijer

Sabri­na’s Insta­gram Account is full of inspi­ra­tio­nal con­tent from all over the world. Means: fashion, art, tra­vel, jewel­ry, design.


With every sin­gle song sin­ger Fet­s­um makes us feel like rela­xing in the hot sun. Good vibes guaranteed!

Daf­ne Patruno

The Bar­ce­lo­na based blog­ger is always on the hunt for the next cool thing…

Sacha Farb­er

Sin­ce Sachas litt­le baby­boy Scott was born we enjoy fol­lowing the Bel­gi­an blog­ger’s life even a tiny bit more.

Mat­thew Miller

Cur­r­ent­ly based in Rome Matt shows the life and style of a fashion illus­tra­tor. Super inspiring!

Yvan Rodic

This guy is a true legend when it comes to streetstyle pho­to­gra­phy. Whe­re­ver he’s around you can be sure you’­re going to meet a bunch of per­fect­ly dres­sed people.

Tom Pan­dé

With this look Tom brought us in the right autumn mood – which is not too easy to achieve…

Bri­na Knauss

When this beau­ty is behind the turn­ta­bles you’­re defi­ni­te­ly gon­na have the night of your life.

Dani­el Kutlesovski

Black, grey and white are the main ingre­dients for Dani­els cool yet clas­sy style.

Jen­ni­fer Elizabeth

Strai­ght out­ta Onta­rio Jen­ni­fer knows what it takes for a per­fect­ly cura­ted Insta­gram feed. Every post is a pleasure!

24 Nov. 2016 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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