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A Sus­tainab­le Gift Gui­de for the Holi­day Season

As holi­day sea­son fast approa­ches and we scram­ble to buy last minu­te secret san­ta pres­ents, or sto­cking fil­lers, it is important to think about the impact of the pro­ducts we gift this year. Holi­day sea­son defi­ni­te­ly brigh­tens our win­ter days, but unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly is also a time of huge was­ta­ge- from wrap­ping pres­ents to coo­king exces­si­ve food. Sus­taina­bi­li­ty is at the very heart of what we do at neu­bau. We are com­mit­ted to making pro­ducts that crea­te as litt­le was­te as pos­si­ble, using the most sus­tainab­le mate­ri­als and taking our time to crea­te our frames. 

This Christ­mas, we want to encou­ra­ge you to con­su­me con­scious­ly, which is why we have com­pi­led a guilt-free, sus­tainab­le shop­ping gui­de, that will hope­ful­ly help you make gree­ner decisions.

Klean Kan­te­en Water Bottle

Perhaps one of the big­gest sources of plastic pol­lu­ti­on is the sin­gle use plastic bot­t­les we have been so careless­ly using. Easy access to the­se pro­ducts, whe­ther you’re in a super­mar­ket or in your office kit­chen, resul­ting in near­ly 60 mil­li­on plastic water bot­t­les ending up in land­fills and incarce­r­a­tors ever­y­day! We can chan­ge this num­ber by crea­ting a simp­le chan­ge in our life­style habits– by picking up a reus­able water bot­t­le. Klean Kan­te­en was the first BPA free stain­less steel water bot­t­les on the mar­ket, and con­ti­nue to be a win­ning pro­duct. They come in dif­fe­rent shapes, sizes and colors and aren’t going to break your bank eit­her. It is the per­fect gift to give someo­ne you love in a more sus­tainab­le direction. 

1006095 KK Classic Sport 532ml Sierra Sunset

(Images cour­te­sy of Klean Kanteen)


We’ve alrea­dy writ­ten a sepa­ra­te blog post on Kaf­fee­form, but we think it right­ly deser­ves a men­ti­on on this gif­ting gui­de. The foun­der of the com­pa­ny was intrigued by the idea of crea­ting some­thing using cof­fee grounds even­tual­ly rea­li­zing that he can mix the­se grounds with other rene­wa­ble raw mate­ri­als to crea­te cof­fee cups, or as they are known Kaf­fee­form cups. Pro­ducts ran­ge from espres­so cups to take away’ cof­fee cups, making this a per­fect gift your cof­fee loving friend!

Kaffeeform kaffeesatz espresso tasse set 2 600x480

(Images cour­te­sy of Kaffeeform)

Yolo­ha Yoga Mats

Yolo­ha yoga is the sus­tainab­le yoga brand taking the indus­try by storm. The­se mats are made using cork, one of the most rene­wa­ble and reus­able mate­ri­als, using one of the most sus­tainab­le har­ve­s­ting methods. It is the per­fect mate­ri­al for yoga mats as it out­last and out­per­forms any other natu­ral mate­ri­al, and most import­ant­ly is non-slip, eli­mi­na­ting the need for oil based wax or EVA foam for trac­tion. Not only are they gre­at for the envi­ron­ment, but they’re also beau­ti­ful to look at– the per­fect gift for some of our most acti­ve mem­bers of the family. 

Aura cork yoga mat unrolled 1 1000x667

(Images cour­te­sy of Yoloha)

Rewi­ned Candles

This uni­que brand is not only making all natu­ral soy wax cand­les that are par­af­fin and che­mi­cal free, but more import­ant­ly are made using repur­po­sed wine bot­t­les! The dis­car­ded wine bot­t­les are collec­ted and artis­anal­ly craf­ted to crea­te beau­ti­ful cand­les in various scents. With over 7 dif­fe­rent collec­tions, the­re is defi­ni­te­ly gif­ting poten­ti­al here for a loved one.

Signature Merlot Lifestyle 1 1000x
Signature pinot grigio lifestyle 1000x

(Images cour­te­sy of Rewi­ned Candles)

Dr Hausch­ka

You might alrea­dy know this brand that has taken the skin­ca­re world by storm, pro­du­cing gre­at pro­ducts from natu­ral mate­ri­als that are gent­le and healing for the skin. Sin­ce its incep­ti­on, the com­pa­ny has been focu­sed on ensu­ring sus­taina­bi­li­ty remains at the core of its ethos, which is why the pro­ducts are crea­ted almost exclu­si­ve­ly from con­trol­led orga­nic cul­ti­va­ti­on (plants, oils and waxes) under fair tra­de con­di­ti­ons. From serums and oils to make up pro­ducts, we are con­fi­dent you will find the per­fect gift from them!

Gesichtsdampfbad 01 429000021
Gesichtsmilch 01 429000007

(Images cour­te­sy of Dr Hauschka) 

neu­bau eye­we­ar natu­ral­PX frames

We think it’s worth men­tio­ning that at neu­bau we pro­du­ce opti­cal frames made out of natu­ral­PX, an eco friend­ly mate­ri­al, orga­ni­cal­ly sourced from rene­wa­ble pri­ma­ry pro­ducts such as oil extrac­ted from the seeds of cas­tor oil plants. This pro­duct is light in weight, super fle­xi­ble, stur­dy and comes in a wide ran­ge of colors. They’re also extre­me­ly com­for­ta­ble for all day wear! Our ran­ge of opti­cal frames ran­ge in color­ways, shapes and mate­ri­als — ensu­ring the­re is some­thing for everyone!

(Images cour­te­sy of neubau)

Sub­scrip­ti­on to their favo­ri­te online magazine/​music strea­ming service/​audio­book

We’ve all been in the posi­ti­on of deci­ding whe­ther or not we want to com­mit our­sel­ves to buy­ing an audio­book sub­scrip­ti­on or paying for online access to our favo­ri­te jour­nals and maga­zi­nes — this is why it’s a gre­at gift to get for one of your loved ones. It’s a gift that can’t go wrong and won’t break the bank eit­her. Most import­ant­ly howe­ver, the lack of a phy­si­cal presence

Wri­te a che­que to a cha­ri­ty of your loved ones choice

Perhaps the most sel­fless gift of all — you could dona­te money on behalf of someo­ne else to a cha­ri­ty working for a cau­se clo­se to their heart! From city clea­ning patrols to refu­gee assi­s­tance, the­re are thousands of orga­ni­sa­ti­ons that would bene­fit great­ly from a cha­ri­ta­ble dona­ti­on. What bet­ter time to help than during the holi­day sea­son — after all, that’s what Christ­mas spi­rit is all about! 

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