5 tips for an eco-friend­ly Christmas

After a particularly challenging year we all want to leave our worries behind - good thing that Christmas is just around the corner! The gifts are being wrapped everywhere and the tinsel is being fetched from the attic. All old traditions which are just a part of it, like the candles on the Christmas tree. Mother earth would like to thank anyone who, despite all the hustle and bustle of Christmas, has enough time to think about the environment. We at NEUBAU EYEWEAR always aim to find more sustainable ways for our daily lives. This also counts for our Christmas preparations. We collected some tips for an eco-friendly Christmas!

Natu­re vs. Plastic — the Christ­mas tree dilemma

The clas­sic Christ­mas tree grows up in mono­cul­tu­re, wraps its­elf in pesti­ci­des or tra­vels from abroad — all of this is harm­ful to our envi­ron­ment and health. You still don’t want to fore­go the tra­di­ti­on of the Christ­mas tree? The first ques­ti­on you have to ask yourself is: plastic or natu­ral? This is often a decisi­on of princip­le. But as far as envi­ron­men­tal pro­tec­tion is con­cer­ned, natu­ral trees are still the bet­ter opti­on, even if advo­ca­tes of the arti­fi­cial fir tree keep com­ing up with new argu­ments against the cul­ti­va­ti­on, defo­re­sta­ti­on and short lifespan of real Christ­mas trees. Nevertheless, des­pi­te long trans­port rou­tes and com­plex coo­ling, real trees have less impact on the envi­ron­ment than plastic trees, which are lar­ge­ly impor­ted from far away and which soo­ner or later end up in the gar­ba­ge can. Trees from local and orga­nic cul­ti­va­ti­on have the best eco­lo­gi­cal balan­ce. Even bet­ter: a tree in a pot that can be plan­ted after­wards or given back so they can be plan­ted in again as well. 

NEUBAU EYEWEAR sustainable christmas tree

Reu­sed wrap­ping paper

Recy­clab­le wrap­ping paper has many faces: for examp­le, you can repur­po­se an old t‑shirt, use the dai­ly news­pa­per or old card­board boxes for pack­a­ging and even learn spe­cial wrap­ping tech­ni­ques without the use of any tape. As a cher­ry on top, you can use old cin­na­mon stars or cloves as deco­ra­ti­on. This doesn’t only look home­ma­de and loving, but also avoids addi­tio­nal moun­tains of rubbish!

NEUBAU EYEWEAR sustainable christmas wrapping paper

Rather eco­no­mi­c­al Christ­mas lights

Fai­ry lights and lumin­ous figu­res are sim­ply part of Christ­mas. But they should real­ly only light up when we actively see them. Don’t hesi­ta­te to pull the plug at night, becau­se neit­her you nor your neigh­bors will see the beau­ti­ful ligh­t­ing. To save electri­ci­ty, you can use string lights with LEDs. They are also avail­ab­le in beau­ti­ful warm light colors. Last but not least: tre­at the envi­ron­ment and the ani­mals to the noc­turnal darkness!

NEUBAU EYEWEAR sustainable christmas lights

Green Gifts — sus­tainab­le pres­ents for your loved ones

Reus­able water bottles

Why buy expen­si­ve water that pro­du­ces unne­cessa­ry CO2 and tra­vels long trans­port rou­tes? Surely the­re are bet­ter alter­na­ti­ves? Yeah sure! Drink tap water if pos­si­ble! And in order to be able to trans­port it and to fill drin­king water, a tas­teless and leak-pro­of drin­king bot­t­le is the best solu­ti­on. In addi­ti­on plastic bot­t­les enter micro­plastics into our orga­nism – a night­ma­re which can easi­ly be avoided.

NEUBAU EYEWEAR sustainable christmas reusable bottle


From old to new! Upcy­cling brea­thes new life into used and old objects. This often results in spe­cial and uni­que items with eye-catching poten­ti­al. They are home­ma­de and come from the heart. The best thing about them? Upcy­cled gifts are resour­ce-saving and sup­port small, often local craft workshops.

Bio box voucher

An orga­nic vege­ta­ble bas­ket — also known as an eco box or har­vest box — sup­ports regio­nal and eco­lo­gi­cal agri­cul­tu­re. Trans­port rou­tes remain short and as a small side effect, city dwel­lers get to know the sea­so­nal fruit and vege­ta­ble calen­dar better.

Soap nuts

A 1 kg pack of soap nuts will last a full 6 mon­ths if was­hed 3 to 4 times a week. The nuts make the laund­ry soft without fab­ric sof­te­ner and only hea­vi­ly soi­led laund­ry should be pretrea­ted with orga­nic gall soap. The soap nuts are 100% eco­lo­gi­cal as they are com­post­a­ble and a real alter­na­ti­ve for tho­se with a deter­gent allergy.

NEUBAU EYEWEAR sustainable christmas presents toiletries

Gift a tree

Plan­ting trees hel­ps bees and other insects to sur­vi­ve. The­re are many com­pa­nies and cha­ri­ties that offer tree plan­ting, which off­sets the CO2 con­sump­ti­on and does good for our envi­ron­ment and air quality.

Sus­tainab­le toys

Fami­lies with youn­ger child­ren can pro­vi­de more sus­taina­bi­li­ty by making sure that the toy is made from cer­ti­fied real wood. The­re are now woo­den toys at lower pri­ces in many shops. You don’t always have to dig deeper into your pocket.

Gift vou­cher for an unpa­cka­ged shop

Unpa­cked and plastic-free: pack­a­ging-free shop­ping is now pos­si­ble in many cities. As a sus­tainab­le gift, you can ask for a shop­ping vou­cher in unpa­cka­ged shops in your regi­on. The best thing about it? You sup­port small and local businesses!

NEUBAU EYEWEAR sustainable christmas gifts unpacked groceries

Tin­sel — No thanks.

Lea­ded tin­sel is still found in some house­holds. The pro­blem: when dis­po­sing the Christ­mas tree, some threads of the tree deco­ra­ti­ons still get stuck and end up in the com­post, from whe­re they are released into the envi­ron­ment and the­re­fo­re adding to the pol­lu­ti­on of our pla­net. Lead-con­tai­ning tin­sel should be dis­po­sed of as hazar­dous was­te. A tra­di­tio­nal tree with woo­den and glass pen­dants, straw stars, nuts and home-made Christ­mas tree deco­ra­ti­ons can look just as gre­at as a glit­te­ring tin­sel while being less harm­ful to the pla­net and can be re-used the next year.

NEUBAU EYEWEAR sustainable christmas tinsel presents
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