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24 hours of culi­na­ry delights in Paris with Ame­lia Goe

You're trying to make most of a 24-hour layover or a quick weekend trip to Paris and well, it's a little overwhelming. Understandable; touristic highlights, such as visiting Musée du Louvre, is supposed to take a week alone just to see all that it has to offer.

Luck­i­ly I’ve con­den­sed all of the hard choices into a list of la crè­me de la crè­me and can make even the shor­test excur­si­ons bey­ond satis­fac­to­ry – when plan­ning your petit trip to Paris, bewa­re of the days you’­re shoo­ting for. Typi­cal­ly, many busi­nes­ses are clo­sed on Sunday and many public/​national muse­ums clo­se on Mon­days or Tuesdays.

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Ulti­mate­ly, eating is a huge part of a Pari­sian geta­way. Purcha­sing full meals three times a day does­n’t necessa­ri­ly lea­ve room for a big­ger appé­tit and won’t ful­fill the Pari­sian culi­na­ry expe­ri­ence. We advi­se that you opt for smal­ler bites throughout the day, allowing you to try more eate­ries and tre­ats along your journey.

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Ins­tead of indul­ging in a lar­ge bre­ak­fast grab cof­fee & vien­noi­se­rie, like a real Pari­sian, to hold you over for the morning. Pain Pain is sit down or takea­way bou­lan­ge­rie situa­ted right off the metro Abbes­ses and on your way toward Sacré-Cœur in Mont­mart­re. After that make use of the ear­ly morning in nort­hern Paris, going to some of the vin­ta­ge shops like Chine­ma­chi­ne and spree or wan­de­ring around the Lamarck / Cau­lain­court that fea­tures pic­tures­que stair­wells and views across the city.

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While grab­bing a table at any cute bras­se­rie or restau­rant with the ado­rable quicker seats loo­ks ent­i­cing, don’t do it. A lot of the­se pla­ces are over-pri­ced duds. One that is not, is Cafe Char­lot, loca­ted in the nort­hern-reaches of Le Marais. It’s the per­fect lunch spot, allowing you to peop­le-watch and sur­vey Pari­sians in their natu­ral envi­ron­ment. It’s also con­ve­ni­en­t­ly across from Mar­ché des Enfants Rouges whe­re you can wan­der around the mar­ket stalls, smel­ling fresh­ly baked goo­dies and flowers. Lines can get long here but the food is worth it if you find an opening.

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Befo­re you sett­le down for din­ner, head to La Buvet­te or Au Pas­sa­ge in the 11th arron­dis­se­ment. They both are wine bars with high qua­li­ty tapas-style small pla­tes. The loca­ti­on and menus make for a per­fect apé­ri­tif. Howe­ver, if you’­re dying to see Le Sei­ne, take up some glas­ses of wine at Chez Nous on Rue Dau­phi­ne, right across from Pont Neuf. They don’t have a menu, so you can ask ques­ti­ons and dis­cuss pri­ce points and the ser­ver will open wha­te­ver you want to try.

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When in Paris, you must eat at a Miche­lin restau­rant. It’s no sur­pri­se that eating at a Miche­lin-star­red restau­rant will bring with it a hef­ty bill, but the­re’s a smart way of going about eating at the cove­ted estab­lish­ments. First, rese­arch the restau­rant you have in mind and make sure they ser­ve lunch, most likely the pri­ce is about half of what your din­ner bill would look like. Second, real­ly check the reviews and make sure the cui­sine is up your alley, if you’­re a picky-eater, don’t even bother with the expe­ri­ence. Fren­chie, is a Miche­lin-star­red restau­rant in the 3rd arron­dis­se­ment that has mul­ti­ple con­cepts, one with a take away style menu and ano­t­her sole­ly for drinks and wine. Fren­chie’s lunch menu comes with four cour­ses at €45 and a din­ner menu of five cour­ses at €74. The expe­ri­ence is worth every cen­ti­me.

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Breizh Café, which ser­ves up star-qua­li­ty crê­pes, is also the per­fect way to get a Miche­lin restau­rant and the ico­nic French crê­pe mar­ked off your list. That being said, the­re are so many deli­cious crê­pe­ries across Paris, some of the best being the ones made out of the tiny kiosks that stay open late and nou­rish your drun­ken cra­vings. For instance, I’m big fan of Crê­pe­rie Genia by Fon­tai­ne Saint-Michel, an easy des­sert and ener­gy boost to help you dance the night away at local jazz club Caveau de la Huchet­te, which has been fea­tured in many films but mana­ges to keep the same locals com­ing each night. Serious­ly, gen­tle­men and ladies that are in their senio­ri­ty who’­ve dan­ced in the under­ground jazz-fil­led caves for decades.

Not­hing more to say than: enjoy your culi­na­ry trip to Paris!

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