Vienna Wedekind on the trail of Sigmund & Carl

We met actress, photographer, and fashion influencer Carola Pojer, founder of one of Austria's most successful blogs, for a quick chat.

What started six years ago as the digital diary of the actor and photographer Carola Pojer, has since turned into one of Austria's most successful blogs. Her pen name 'Vienna Wedekind' already combines two of her biggest influences: Austria's capital and the proto-expressionist German playwright Frank Wedekind. A minimalist with a keen eye for detail, we couldn't have thought of anyone better to follow the trail of inspiration leading to our new model 'Sigmund & Carl', so we met her for a quick chat.

SIGMUND & CARL in black coal matte / eclectic silver

You are wearing the model Sigmund & Carl which was inspired by those two icons of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung. Both of them spent a lot of their working lives in Vienna. Where would you go to feel the presence of their spirit in today’s city?

Definitely to the Café Landtmann or the Café Sperl, which also were part of our photo shoot. Beyond that, a walk along Vienna’s Ringstrasse is an absolute must. That’s where you will pass many historic buildings, such as the University where Freud used to teach, which will give you an impression of old Vienna.

SIGMUND & CARL in black coal matte / eclectic silver

"I love its mix of classic and the modern."

SIGMUND & CARL in snow-white / silky rosé

You are traveling a lot between the world’s fashion capitals, but you still live in Vienna. What is it that fascinates you about the city?

I love its mix of the classic and the modern. On the one hand, you’ve got these epically beautiful historic buildings and a unique coffeehouse tradition, which only exists in Vienna in this form, that whole idiosyncratic vibe. On the other hand you’ve got modern architecture, innovative concepts that combine shopping anddining out, and the kind of urban coolness that you’ll find in a district like Neubau.

In what words would you describe the Viennese style?

Timeless, classic and understated, with a hint of bravery.

SIGMUND & CARL in black coal matte / eclectic silver
13 Apr 2018 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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