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Unique sustainable housing alternatives

While owning your own apartment is a dream most people work towards, for the majority of generation y the reality of becoming a homeowner means obtaining a studio space eight stories up with no elevator.

With rent prices constantly rising, some creative heads from urban jungles are seeking alternatives to purchasing their first homes. Frame of Mind has put together a list of our favorite alternative living situations to give you the inspiration you need for sourcing your next apartment.

Foster Hunting

If the constant noise of cars honking and packed metros are becoming too much, take a leaf (literally) out of Foster Huntington’s book. After quitting his design job in New York, Foster shunned the city for the trees and built the tree house of our childhood dreams. Located in western Washington, Foster and a group of his friends built a multi-level structure with two houses, a skate bowl and a hot tub.

The Tiny Mess

If you’ve committed to living in a tiny studio you might as well make the most of it! The Tiny Mess has collaborated with people living in micro housing around the world to create a cookbook for tiny kitchens. The book is comprised of stories of people living in vintage caravans, sail boat hulls, converted rail cars and school buses to show how they cook healthy alternative meals in their tiny spaces.

The Tiny Canal Cottage

Whitney Leigh Morris is living proof that you can squish two adults, one new born baby and two dogs into a successful living environment of 362 square feet. Located in California The Tiny Canal Cottage is adorned with twinkle lights, foliage and handmade interiors, making it a fairy tale dream.

Trying to find an affordable flat in London that isn’t a sublet inside someone’s closet is like sourcing a needle in a haystack so it’s no surprise that some of the most unique housing alternatives are located on the river Thames. Over 1,000 people have taken to converting boats into modern houses as a means to obtain more space, less noise and cheap rent. Photographer Katherine Fawssett shed light on the growing trend in her September exhibition Life Afloat.’

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