Blog 1605 Olja Ryzevski Frame Of Mind Bali 2

Travel the world with photographer and blogger Olja Ryzevski

In case you ever want to define the word cosmopolite, we make your life easier: only quote Olja Ryzevski’s CV and your counterpart will quickly understand.

The Russian-German photographer and blogger was born in Siberia, has spent her childhood in Crimea, before moving to South Germany with her family. After her degree in Economics, she worked in Switzerland and Germany – only to decide to live out her passion for photography. That’s why she came to Berlin, studying a second degree in Photography at the Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule (short: BTK) where Olja specialized in fashion and portrait photography, always trying to keep her work as minimalistic, clean and natural as possible. However, her studies weren’t only great for learning new stuff, but especially for traveling the world to participate workshops (Vietnam, New York,…), living in South Korea for an exchange semester and seeing places like Thailand and Indonesia. Olja, whose Instagram is collecting new followers like Daphne Guinness Couture pieces, is now finally back in Germany and shares her favorite travel destinations with us.


I lived on this beautiful Island, which is near Africa for six months and it was such a great feeling to be so close to nature every day. Tenerife has so much to offer — beautiful beaches with black sand, mountains, volcanoes and of course sunny weather all year round.”

Blog 1605 Olja Ryzevski Frame Of Mind Tenerife 2
Blog 1605 Olja Ryzevski Frame Of Mind Tenerife

South Korea

To live in a country like South Korea has been an amazing experience. I really love Seoul, it’s a big modern city which is close to the sea and surrounded by hills. It’s a metropolis with magnificent palaces, modern architecture and skyscrapers, busy streets, green rooftops, very cozy and modern cafes, plastic surgery clinics and helpful, generous and very friendly people.”

Blog 1605 Olja Ryzevski Frame Of Mind South Korea 2
Blog 1605 Olja Ryzevski Frame Of Mind South Korea 1


I spent only two weeks in Bali during my time in Asia, but I definitely will come back some day. I was amazed by the colour of the ocean! I could have spent hours just sitting there watching the waves.”

Blog 1605 Olja Ryzevski Frame Of Mind Bali 2
Blog 1605 Olja Ryzevski Frame Of Mind Bali 1

Java Island

The most extraordinary trip was the trip to Java Island. With a population of over 141 million, Java is the most populous island in the world and home to some of the most breath-taking locations my eyes had ever seen. During my trip through this beautiful Indonesian island, I saw active volcanoes in mid-eruption, an amazing waterfall and the world’s largest acid lake which is located inside the Ijen Crater.”

Photos by Olja Ryzevski

06 May 2016 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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