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Digital travelling: discover the world without leaving your home

It's summertime and we are all day dreaming of holidays and romantic getaways.

Whether your funds are flowing or they are on the down low — we put together our favorite travel Instagram accounts all wanderlust fans will love. Take a moment and get away with these wonderful bloggers to faraway destinations, breathtaking landscapes and exotic foods.

Sam Horine

Our first inspirational travel Instagram is that of Sam Horine. Horine is known for his adventurous, raw off beat locations and stunning imagery. This adventurer does not sit still for when he is not on the road he teaches at New York University as well as contributes photos to New York magazine, Time Out New York, and The Village Voice. A New Yorker through and through his Instagram account was named the best of the city by the village voice.

Blog 1607 Neubau Top 10 Travel Layout Sam Horine

Expert Vagabond

Expert Vagabond or also known as Matthew Karsten has been travelling the world for over 4 years now. What started out as a post break-up get-away to Guatemala has turned into a fantastic travel blog that is centered around hitchhiking, vagabonding and living cheap. Camera in hand Karsten shows us parts of the world and sides of people we never knew existed.

Blog 1607 Neubau Top 10 Travel Layout2 Matthew Karsten


Gmateus is the Insta account of Gabriela, a girl who travels the world and documents her travels in a unique way. Although it may be argued Gabriela’s subject matter is somewhat cliché, we think her perspective and eye for architecture and symmetry is a must see travel blog!

Blog 1607 Neubau Top 10 Travel Layout3 Gabriela

The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad or Kiersten Rich is the classic tale of a person who followed life’s rules and found out that throwing the rule book out the window is way more fun! She quit her job and set to discover the world. Letting us discover it with her, this Instagram is all about traveling in style and the discovery of happiness.

Blog 1607 Neubau Top 10 Travel Layout4 Kiersten Rich


Mark Wiens, the foodie of all foodies, started his Instagram Migrationology in pursuit of following his passion. His passion for food brings him all around the globe and in particular Asia. We know for a fact that all you fellow food fanatics are going to love Mark’s delectable feed.

Blog 1607 Neubau Top 10 Travel Layout5 Mark Wiens


Clint Johnston, the triphackr, is the go-to travel blog if you are on a budget. This man will teach you how to save money and still take beautiful trips. What we like best about Mr. Johnston is that he replies to his comments and boosts all you broke travelers’ morals with word of encouragement and unmissable tips’n’tricks.

Blog 1607 Neubau Top 10 Travel Layout Clint Johnston

Michael Christopher Brown

Brown is a photo journalist that travels all around the world capturing news on assignment. During his travels he turns out some amazingly powerful photos which we have the pleasure to view on both his Instagram account and Magnum Photos, the agency he works with. This Instagram is a refreshing photographical twist on the usual” travel blogs.

Blog 1607 Neubau Top 10 Travel Layout Michael Christopher Brown

Daniel Kordan

Having one of those days when you just want to dream off and float into a fantasy state. Daniel Kordans Instagram is what you are looking for. Daniel takes amazing shots of landscapes all around the world. Frequently adding new images to his feed he keeps us in a constant faze of amazement, beauty and a little envy too.

Blog 1607 Neubau Top 10 Travel Layout Daniel Kordan

Foster Hunting

The all American alternative dream comes to life on Huntings Instagram. He shows us the kind of feed that makes us want to quit our job and try out the simple life. He surfs, he camps, he drives pick up trucks and oh yeah, he is an amazing photographer. Do we need to say more?

Blog 1607 Neubau Top 10 Travel Layout Foster Huntington 1

Girl Eat World

Girl Eat World is a cute and fun Instagram account that takes us all over the globe on a foodie journey. This girl isn’t the first to start a food-journal-like blog but she is one of the few we can think of that creates such a charming and visually appealing feed. Food in one hand and camera in the other Melissa Hie takes a photo with local delicacies and we can’t wait to see where she turns up next!

Blog 1607 Neubau Top 10 Travel Layout Girleatworld

All photos via Instagram

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