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These labels are challenging the way green fashion is perceived

Ecological and sustainable fashion is boring, beige and just so-not-fun? Well, better think about this cliché twice because these newcomer brands are coming to change society's perception of this urgent and important issue.

The reformation

The Reformation is a sustainable clothing company with a huge cult following. Founder, Yael Aflalo and her army of Ref babes’ hunt down materials from vintage and deadstock merchandise from other designers and repurpose pieces into, stylish and original designs. Everything is made in LA without the use of harmful synthetics or dyes. With stores in LA and New York, Reformation continue to grow. In 2013, they opened America’s first sustainable sewing factory and have recently hire an overseas sustainability manager to push their green mission efforts world wide.

Shaina Mote

Shaina Mote is all about minimal and versatile staples for women. The entire design and production process is done in Los Angeles to promote domestic apparel manufacturing and support local craftmanship. As for material, Shaina Mote only use natural and renewable fibres over synthetics like oil-based polyester and works with sustainable threads likes tercel and modal. The neutral color palette and clean lines, make the pieces relevant again and again each season.


We want to take responsibility for our planet, humans and the environment.” Fonnesbech is a sixth generation Danish family-run heritage label. Originally established in the 1800’s, it was re-launched in 2014 with a focus on sustainable fashion and promoting environmental awareness. The collections are nothing but elegant and timeless pieces, all made with recycled viscose, organic wool and cotton and works with suppliers who are certified by sustainable textile standards like Oeko.Tex. All of the production of Fonnesbech is done in Europe, with a focus on long-lasting craftsmanship.


If anyone can make a cool menswear brand sustainable and eco-conscious its designer, Charlie Morris. His brand Fanmail, was born as a reaction to the damage the fur industry had on the environment and decided to push his eco-ethos into his fashion. 1 year later, and his unmistakably uncomplicated designs and its use of environmentally-friendly materials (such as organic cotton and hemp) and techniques are central to its identity.

09 May 2016 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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