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The Top 2021 Autumn Color Trends For Glasses & Sunglasses

In spite of the perpetual pessimistic vibes of the previous year, the top trend colors 2021 Autumn has to offer are charged with absolute optimism, mood-enhancing hues, and lucid flashbacks of another era.

Arguibly, the main focus of each one of many autumn 2021 fashion color trends revolves around versatility and wearability. The result? An array of practical hues influenced with bright pops to take our minds off of the gloomy past season by introducing us to a celebration of hope and joy. Ahead is a recap of the top Autumn/Winter 2021/2022 color trends as well as a few recommendations to help you take advantage of every autumnal hue.

Top 2021 Autumn Color Trends: Mykonos Blue

"A brisk blue evocative of the Aegean Sea" is here to serve as a vivid reminder of the beauty of the endless salty-landscape. Modern ocean blue colorway flooded the fashion sphere as a way to uplift our spirits. Lotte & Hans, John, and Franz perfectly depict the beauty of muted-tones, offering practical all-year-round versatility and comfort. Pair it up with all your trusted cold-weather neutral colors like caramel, beige and chocolate brown for the ultimate cohesive look.

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Olive Green & Khaki For Autumn/Winter 2021/2022

"A tasteful green symbolic of growth", this shade is known for being a sophisticated sartorial choice for the autumn and winter months. Muted green hues, just like our John and Robin matte glasses, are here to help you embrace calm and healing through their mood-soothing properties. Style them up with accompanying colors of blue, beige, maroon, and black throughout this season.

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Illuminating Gold And Yellow-ish Lead The Top 2021 Color Trends

Uplifting shades of yellow offer the promise of a new, sunny day even in the dead of autumn and winter. Mild and companionable gold matte frames and yellow mirrors, like Betty, Otto and Franz paint a very promising picture of the future months. Combine them with cream, gray, and with restful mid-tone blues from day to night.

From bold and bright to subtle and elegant, the options are seemingly endless. Head over to NEUBAU EYEWEAR to discover more timeless, yet trendy Austrian eyewear soaked in sustainability.

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