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Inspired by the element of water and driven by the necessary changes in dealing with the environment, we are not afraid to shake up calm lakes and break through the surface.

To achieve our sustainability goals, we take every measure possible to reduce the environmental impact of our production practices. This means using energy from clean sources only, filtering air pollutants and conserving water. Every effort that is made to minimize waste, conserve energy and safeguard water supplies helps us to live up to our green objectives. We take over social and ecological responsibility: it improves how we live together today and will leave the next generation a more livable place. At NEUBAU EYEWEAR, we don’t just talk the talk, but actually walk the walk when it comes to sustainable production.


We are grateful to everyone from the NEUBAU family for their commitment, their energy and their creativity. Together we advance our technical innovations, manufacturing processes and procedures - be it by closing the loop in our 3D printing process or the production of glasses cleaning cloths from recycled PET bottles. In order to achieve our environmental protection goals, we exhaust every possibility to minimize the amount of waste and to save energy and water.

We are a brand that manufactures its glasses in the heart of Europe. This gives us full control over our manufacturing processes and can rest assured that they have a minimal impact on the environment. Austria's environmental protection laws are among the strictest in the world, so there is hardly a better place to implement our sustainable production processes.

And so we flow and so we rise. To realize: even the smallest act can become a wave that changes the way we see the earth.

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Our Linz headquarters is located within a national water conservation area. Every day, the wastewater from our production is carefully analyzed. The pH value, temperature and volume of wastewater output are all continually monitored.


The 10-20% of our wastewater that exceeds Austrian legal pollution limits is treated in-house to filter out pollutants and make it safe for water treatment.

104,000 LITERS

… of water are reprocessed each day inside the water conservation area where we are located.


… have been recycled into NEUBAU EYEWEAR cleaning cloths since 2017. The 12 grams of plastic derived from a single half-liter bottle is enough to make two cloths.


Sustainable production starts with emission-free, sustainable and fully renewable electricity. Our production facility in Austria draws electricity from 100% renewable sources such as sun, wind, water, biomass and biogas.

Dive in deep and unknown waters - the new movement is on its way. Unstoppable and powerful as the sea.

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