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“Sustainability”, “transparency” and “authenticity” are perhaps the most well-known and overused buzzwords in business today. They can be very easy to say, but perhaps not always so easy to put into practice. It’s important to us at NEUBAU EYEWEAR that we do more than just talk about good intentions. We make sure that we use our hands, our hearts and our minds to apply these noble objectives to everything we do, whether it’s the way we power our machinery, source our raw materials or package our products.

We let our visions fly, lift them up with every breath. And what starts as a wind, will grow to a storm.

At a time of unprecedented climate change, resource depletion and biodiversity loss, we know it is important to have a clear vision and robust strategies to ensure that we are part of the positive change we want to see. To achieve our sustainability goals, NEUBAU EYEWEAR takes every measure possible to reduce the environmental impact of our production practices. We are aware that any form of mechanical production inevitably results in pollution of the environment, especially our atmosphere.

We at NEUBAU have asked ourselves how we can keep our ecological footprint on the atmosphere and the air as small as possible, looking for sustainable production options to reach our self-set goals: local production, 100% renewable energy and zero emissions!

1 Ton per year on CO2 savings

By producing over 75% of our demo lenses inhouse in the heart of Austria, we save at least one tonne of CO2 emissions each year from transport alone.

Neubau eyewear lenses single sustainable

High air filtering standards

The number for exhaust gases at our headquarters far exceeds the legal requirements for emissions reduction, resulting in nearly zero emissions!

90% smaller footprint

Our recyclable soft cases, introduced in 2017, have a 90% smaller carbon footprint than conventional hard cases.

Obligation towards our local neighbours

Our headquarters in Linz is situated in a densely populated residential area to minimize noise and air pollution from our production facilities.

Solar, wind, hydropower and biomass

Our headquarters in Linz/Austria is supplied with 100% renewable energy, fueled by a combination of solar, wind, hydropower, biomass and biogas.

Neubau eyewear solar system energy Linz headquarter

Because we have a vision and are not afraid to fall. We float and fill the vacuum between looking good and doing good.

For NEUBAU EYEWEAR, the year 2021 is all about “Changing the Perspective”. The clear attitude and mission of bringing together excellent design with sustainable and technological innovation have made the brand a trailblazer.

With a focus on respect for nature and its resources, this year's collections have been inspired by the four elements, utilizing the paradox of nature’s resilience and fragility to create expressive eyewear styles for 2021. The second in a total of four is based on the element of air.

Find out more about our AIR collection here.

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