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Style inspiration: Nathalie from Yayzine shows how to combine her neubau eyewear frames

Yayzine is the blog from Antwerp, Belgium that invites you to a unique world full of design, fashion, beauty and travel.

Found­ed by the cou­ple Nathalie and Michiel the online zine inspires with its sleek aes­thet­ics and infor­ma­tive sto­ries that live through the duo’s dif­fer­ent tal­ents: while Michiel is a stud­ied graph­ic design­er Nathalie is a fash­ion PR pro­fes­sion­al. The two cre­ative minds open up about the charm of Antwerp, their USP, favorite acces­sories and their work/​love balance.

Read­ing your about text” on Yayzine you don’t seem to be the typ­i­cal fash­ion blog­ger – what makes you want to work in this field any­way?
I call myself a blog­ger for lack of a bet­ter word. Not that I don’t fit the def­i­n­i­tion in a dic­tio­nary-way, but as you said, I don’t fit the typ­i­cal fash­ion blog­ger type. I guess I’m a fash­ion blog­ger because I’m pas­sion­ate about fash­ion and I love telling sto­ries, be it visu­al or in words, about the things I love. My enthu­si­asm, both in real life as well as online, has been called con­ta­gious before. It would be a shame not to share this pos­i­tive ener­gy with the world wide web, putting my own stamp on the term fash­ion blogger”.

In what way does fash­ion influ­ence your life?
I quite a lot of ways actu­al­ly: I stud­ied fash­ion design, I now work in fash­ion PR and the biggest part of our blog involves fash­ion sto­ries. It’s on my mind 247, not in an annoy­ing way, but in an ener­getic and inspi­ra­tional way. Fash­ion makes me hap­py. It’s as sim­ple as that. And I’m not talk­ing about fash­ion trends” you see cov­ered by most of the blog­gers, but in a sense of inspi­ra­tional­ly beau­ti­ful, cre­ative, per­son­al fashion.

Do you col­lab­o­rate for oth­er projects besides your blog as well? If not, what’s some­thing that you feel you would like to try your hand at togeth­er?
Being a cou­ple and shar­ing some­thing like a blog togeth­er can be quite intense, so for now Yayzine will do when it comes to cre­ative col­lab­o­ra­tions between Michiel and I. Yes, we do have vivid dis­cus­sions some­times about which pho­tos to pick, what will be the loca­tion of our next shoot etc. But besides that, in life in gen­er­al, we are the per­fect team in many ways: we fix appli­ances togeth­er, man­age to pay the bills togeth­er, cre­ate our inte­ri­or togeth­er and raise a dog togeth­er, we also have a shared pas­sion for all things nature and ani­mals… And we do it all in our very own and cre­ative way.

Has Antwerp’s famous inven­tive art/​fashion vibe influ­enced your style?
Com­ing to live in Antwerp has felt a bit like mov­ing clos­er to home when it comes to fash­ion. We were both born in Ghent. I’ve always had this out­go­ing, exper­i­men­tal style ever since I was a child and in Ghent that would make peo­ple stare. In Antwerp, they don’t even get star­tled, they must be think­ing: Meh, we’re in a fash­ion city, what do you expect?” So I do tend to take more risks, to let myself go from time to time, to just break out that one crazy piece. But main­ly my style has grown-up” more since we moved here, I feel more sophis­ti­cat­ed. Liv­ing in the city of Dries Van Noten, Dcem­ber and Wouters & Hen­drix, to name a few of my favorites, does make me proud. There’s a lot of cre­ative ener­gy bub­bling in the fash­ion scene here. Again, not in the typ­i­cal fash­ion girl scene, because those girls look all alike, but in the fash­ion busi­ness and cre­ative sec­tor side of it all. It inspires me to devel­op my own style even more.

How impor­tant are acces­sories to you?
Acces­sories are fair­ly impor­tant to me, because a lot of my acces­sories are stand-out pieces and they are often the more afford­able stuff in the design­er range. And if you take care of them, they will last a life­time. Fab­rics fade as you wear and wash them, but things like leather only become more beau­ti­ful over time or jew­el­ry will nev­er lose its shine if you treat it well. Acces­sories are the best kind of invest­ment you can make for your clos­et. You can com­bine them end­less­ly with all your out­fits and they put a per­son­al stamp on what you wear and how you wear it.

Which piece from neubau eyewear’s col­lec­tion would you car­ry every­where?
That’s a dif­fi­cult one. To be hon­est, I had a hard time choos­ing a favorite from the col­lec­tion. I couldn’t make up my mind between the Paul in Matt Gold or the Lin­da in Sweet Hon­ey Matt. So I guess those two would be in my hand­bag for a fresh touch of gold on my tired face or a clas­sic state­ment with an unex­pect­ed col­or accent.

If you could design any piece of eye­wear what would it look like?
I love a good tor­toise print, which has that jun­gle vibe for me and I’m an enthu­si­ast for all things vin­tage and over­sized, so we’d prob­a­bly end up some­where in between the jun­gle and Iris Apfel. As long as it makes a bold graph­ic state­ment on a face, I’m in the game!

What is Yayzine’s next pos­si­ble ven­ture?
We have the lifestyle sec­tion on the blog to cov­er the rest of the load, but we do feel this leans towards every­thing inte­ri­or design. We do not have a home of our own yet, still we man­aged to put a very per­son­al stamp on our inte­ri­or any­way. So when the day comes that we buy our own place under the sun, pre­pare your­selves for an over­dose of eclec­tic inte­ri­or inspi­ra­tion and hope­ful­ly the out­door gar­den­ing equiv­a­lent of that as well!

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Fea­tured image via yayzine​.com

28 Jul 2016 · neubau eyewear