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Style inspiration: Nathalie from Yayzine shows how to combine her neubau eyewear frames

Yayzine is the blog from Antwerp, Belgium that invites you to a unique world full of design, fashion, beauty and travel.

Founded by the couple Nathalie and Michiel the online zine inspires with its sleek aesthetics and informative stories that live through the duo’s different talents: while Michiel is a studied graphic designer Nathalie is a fashion PR professional. The two creative minds open up about the charm of Antwerp, their USP, favorite accessories and their work/​love balance.

Reading your about text” on Yayzine you don’t seem to be the typical fashion blogger – what makes you want to work in this field anyway?
I call myself a blogger for lack of a better word. Not that I don’t fit the definition in a dictionary-way, but as you said, I don’t fit the typical fashion blogger type. I guess I’m a fashion blogger because I’m passionate about fashion and I love telling stories, be it visual or in words, about the things I love. My enthusiasm, both in real life as well as online, has been called contagious before. It would be a shame not to share this positive energy with the world wide web, putting my own stamp on the term fashion blogger”.

In what way does fashion influence your life?
I quite a lot of ways actually: I studied fashion design, I now work in fashion PR and the biggest part of our blog involves fashion stories. It’s on my mind 24/7, not in an annoying way, but in an energetic and inspirational way. Fashion makes me happy. It’s as simple as that. And I’m not talking about fashion trends” you see covered by most of the bloggers, but in a sense of inspirationally beautiful, creative, personal fashion.

Do you collaborate for other projects besides your blog as well? If not, what’s something that you feel you would like to try your hand at together?
Being a couple and sharing something like a blog together can be quite intense, so for now Yayzine will do when it comes to creative collaborations between Michiel and I. Yes, we do have vivid discussions sometimes about which photos to pick, what will be the location of our next shoot etc. But besides that, in life in general, we are the perfect team in many ways: we fix appliances together, manage to pay the bills together, create our interior together and raise a dog together, we also have a shared passion for all things nature and animals… And we do it all in our very own and creative way.

Has Antwerp’s famous inventive art/​fashion vibe influenced your style?
Coming to live in Antwerp has felt a bit like moving closer to home when it comes to fashion. We were both born in Ghent. I’ve always had this outgoing, experimental style ever since I was a child and in Ghent that would make people stare. In Antwerp, they don’t even get startled, they must be thinking: Meh, we’re in a fashion city, what do you expect?” So I do tend to take more risks, to let myself go from time to time, to just break out that one crazy piece. But mainly my style has grown-up” more since we moved here, I feel more sophisticated. Living in the city of Dries Van Noten, Dcember and Wouters & Hendrix, to name a few of my favorites, does make me proud. There’s a lot of creative energy bubbling in the fashion scene here. Again, not in the typical fashion girl scene, because those girls look all alike, but in the fashion business and creative sector side of it all. It inspires me to develop my own style even more.

How important are accessories to you?
Accessories are fairly important to me, because a lot of my accessories are stand-out pieces and they are often the more affordable stuff in the designer range. And if you take care of them, they will last a lifetime. Fabrics fade as you wear and wash them, but things like leather only become more beautiful over time or jewelry will never lose its shine if you treat it well. Accessories are the best kind of investment you can make for your closet. You can combine them endlessly with all your outfits and they put a personal stamp on what you wear and how you wear it.

Which piece from neubau eyewear’s collection would you carry everywhere?
That’s a difficult one. To be honest, I had a hard time choosing a favorite from the collection. I couldn’t make up my mind between the Paul in Matt Gold or the Linda in Sweet Honey Matt. So I guess those two would be in my handbag for a fresh touch of gold on my tired face or a classic statement with an unexpected color accent.

If you could design any piece of eyewear what would it look like?
I love a good tortoise print, which has that jungle vibe for me and I’m an enthusiast for all things vintage and oversized, so we’d probably end up somewhere in between the jungle and Iris Apfel. As long as it makes a bold graphic statement on a face, I’m in the game!

What is Yayzine’s next possible venture?
We have the lifestyle section on the blog to cover the rest of the load, but we do feel this leans towards everything interior design. We do not have a home of our own yet, still we managed to put a very personal stamp on our interior anyway. So when the day comes that we buy our own place under the sun, prepare yourselves for an overdose of eclectic interior inspiration and hopefully the outdoor gardening equivalent of that as well!

Want to read what Nathalie has to say about neubau eyewear? Find her piece here!

Featured image via yayzine​.com

28 Jul 2016 · neubau eyewear
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