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Introducing our Size Guide

The perfect glasses for your face shape exist—we promise

So many frames and only two eyes, but the perfect pair of glasses is already waiting for you! A striking cat-eye frame can look the diva dream on one person, but like fancy dress on another. There’s a huge selection of styles: from panto to round to cat-eye. Or perhaps you’d prefer the iconic aviator? We know that there’s a fitting eyewear style for every face shape and our size guide will help you find yours today – let’s go!

Blog 0518 Size Guide Square Face

Square Face

Square face shapes are those with striking facial characteristics, a broad chin area, well-defined cheekbones and a flat forehead. 

Square face shapes and distinctive facial features suit these frames in particular:
Panto, round, aviator

Blog 0518 Size Guide Heart Face

Heart-shaped Face

With a pointed chin and a relatively broad forehead, the heart-shaped face essentially corresponds to an upside-down triangle. The softer facial features suit similarly soft frame shapes. Which in particular? 

Try the following:
Cat-eye, panto, round

Blog 1806 Size Guide Frames
from left to right: aviator, cat-eye, panto, rectangular, round
Blog 0518 Size Guide Round Face

Round Face

A round jawline, wide-set cheekbones and fine facial features define the round face shape, which goes well with finely curved frames or, contrastingly, rectangular glasses styles. There are no limits with the possible combinations! 

We recommend the following frames:
Cat-eye, aviator, rectangular

Blog 0518 Size Guide Oval Face

Oval Face

Hello glasses dream face! Your finely defined cheekbones, narrow chin and slightly broader forehead mean that almost all styles of glasses sit comfortably on your face. Most styles just look right on oval faces! 

But the best choices are:
Panto, round, cat-eye, aviator, rectangular

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