Sigmund on tour: experience Vienna with neubau eyewear

Some people immediately make one envision a certain place or time. Think of Mozart and you see Austria, take Sigmund Freud and you've got Vienna.

To this day you can see signs of the Austrian founder of psychoanalysis all around town. Photographer Clemens Fantur took this as a starting point to explore the heritage he left behind and documented Freud’s favorite places using an item he is famously known for, the round shaped glasses.

The glasses are made by neubau eyewear who reinvented the iconic pair and named them Sigmund as a nod to the brand’s own Austrian roots. Following the frame — #sigmundontour — the images take you to the cafés where he met up with fellow psychologist Carl Gustav Jung, his namesake park close to his former home or show a typical psychoanalysis setting.

Photography by Clemens Fantur

20 Mar 2017 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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