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Celebrating friendship, the past & the future

With the new year just around the corner we took some time to briefly pause and reflect the past time and the expectations for the future.

In our history and all the next chapters that are going to be written our neubau eyewear friends from all around the world play a huge role. Through their ongoing support, their creative ideas, and warm hearts they bring a smile to our face every day. That’s why we asked some of them to answer three quick fire questions for our recap of 2017!

Blog 1712 Carola Pojer Vienna Wedekind

Carola Pojer alias VIENNA WEDEKIND

What’s your resolution for the new year?
The next year is going to be a very excited one (I’m getting married in summer), so my resolution would be to take good care of myself, allow myself to relax more often and spend more time with my boyfriend and my family.

What was your highlight of 2017?
My Shooting with Vogue Germany in London + my first Chanel Haute Couture Show in Paris! I’ll never forget these moments!

My current frame of mind is…
hard work always pays off.


Michael alias BOY IN BRETON

What’s your resolution for the new year?
To worry less and enjoy more. Most things really aren’t worth worrying about.

What was your highlight of 2017?
Deciding to move to Brighton with my boyfriend after growing up and living in London for 29 years!

My current frame of mind is…

BOY IN BRETON on Instagram

Eduardo de Francisco del Saz

What’s your resolution for the new year?
A seemingly easy question but it is not at all… We are used to live so fast that sometimes we do not realize all the things happening to us. I’ve had to reflect everything that I experienced this year to come to the conclusion that I want to travel more, as it is something I used to do more regularly and really miss.

What was your highlight of 2017?
There are many things to highlight in 2017, especially on the professional level. In 2017 I created my YouTube channel, TilySaz, with my friend Monica. We make videos with tips for how to dress better, care more about your skin, or having more confidence in yourself. We are happy about having reached more than 20,000 followers in one year who support us every day. Also in 2017 I graduated with honors as an architect in Madrid, my hometown, participated in the fashion week up close, I became an advertising and fashion model, had an appearance at one of the most important radio stations in Spain and had the opportunity to work with interesting brands such as neubau eyewear.

My current frame of mind is…
I am currently so excited to be working on something that I am passionate about, like fashion, communication and social networks. I feel really fortunate for having a community of people that support me in everything I do. Also, my mind is very busy with new professional projects that I hope to realize in 2018.

Eduardo de Francisco del Saz

Blog 1712 Caroline Vazzana

Caroline Vazzana

What’s your resolution for the new year?
I think one of my resolutions is to not stress too much, what will be will be!

What was your highlight of 2017?
2017 had many highs, I think some of my favorites were my sister getting married, landing a campaign video with Wendy’s, and my brother graduating from college. All were exciting and special moments for me but in completely different ways!

What is your current frame of mind?
As I work into 2018, I want to keep building up my brand Making it in Manhattan and collaborating with as many creative people as possible!

Caroline Vazzana on Instagram

Richy Koll

What’s your resolution for the new year?
To get more involved in my work as content creator.

What was your highlight of 2017?
I made 25 trips all over the world – those definitely were my highlights!

Richy Koll on Instagram

Blog 1712 Demi

Demi Vincefi

What’s your resolution for 2017?
I don’t have any resolutions, but I have around 50 achievements which I’d like to complete. But if I were to promise anything it would be to try and be as kind, fun, and caring as I possibly can be – to myself and others.

What was your highlight of 2017?
My highlight of 2017 was when I traveled through Europe with my best girlfriends. Fortunately, I brought my neubau glasses so I could see the beauty of everything as well. I’m blind without them!

My current frame of mind is…
do what you would do if you weren’t afraid of failure. Life is way too short to be afraid of living.

Demi Vincefi on Instagram

Blog 1712 Reza Jackson

Reza Jackson

What’s your resolution for the new year?
To grow my Instagram page to at least 40k followers by the end of the year. To gain 5 pounds of muscle. To see a new part of the world.

What was your highlight of 2017?
My highlight of 2017 must be the moment I realized what I’m capable of! Also when I went to yacht week…

Reza Jackson on Instagram

Kathi Kurzbauer

What’s your resolution for the new year?
To not stand still, I guess. To go forward, everyday, even if it’s only a single little step a day but always towards bigger goals. Some day you’ll get there no matter how fast or how big your steps were. Sounds a bit poetic but it’s quite simple. This resolution is not only for my blogging career. Mainly because of my job where I am working on extending my green network for our drinking water, for our environment and also for your health. My work is also my passion, so my goal is to do something every single day, even just small things, to enlarge our ecological footprint. This is not only a resolution but a goal and a wish at the same time. Maybe that’s why I am so into neubau eyewear.

What was your highlight of 2017?
I think my highlight in 2017 wasn’t a single moment or day but rather my personal development throughout the year (because of my work and beeing self-employed). But if I had to name a special experience I would definitely say the wedding of my best friend on the beach in the Caribbean. I can’t even describe in words how beautiful and breathtaking those moments with all my friends were, surrounded by palmtrees, the beach and the ocean — simply by nature with all your loved ones.

Kathi Kurzbauer on Instagram

AJ Dee

What’s your resolution for the new year?
I actually don’t have any new year’s resolution because it never works on me, but I always make sure to better myself in different aspects in life – that is important to me.

What was your highlight of 2017?
The highlight of my 2017 was when I finally got myself my first job (working in a menswear boutique) which I was eyeing and hoping to get. It led to the development of my knowledge in terms of passion which is the permanent and timeless style… The classic menswear.

My current frame of mind is…
to keep elevating, focus on my goals and stay classy.

AJ Dee on Instagram

Blog 1712 Hannah Liza

Hannah Pot d'Or

What’s your resolution for the new year?
I’m not really good with resolutions. But I will try the typical things again: to smoke less and to do more sports.

What was your highlight of 2017?
I got a wonderful marriage proposal at the most beautiful beach in Sri Lanka — it was dreamy! By the way: I said yes. But there were loads of highlights. I travelled a lot and met so many great and inspiring people. And the best decision I made in 2017 was to quit my full time job, it’s going to be a very exciting 2018!

My current frame of mind is…
tired of being tired.

Hannah Pot d’Or on Instagram

Igee Okafor

What is your resolution for the new year?
It’s the same thing I wish for every year come to think of it. A maintained enthusiasm for learning, kindness, consistent growth and positive opportunity in all aspects in my life. Personally, and professionally.

What was your highlight of 2017?
Wow, that is a difficult one. I have been so fortunate and blessed to have had the kind of year that most people dream to have. I shared so many loving moments with all of my nuclear family, I traveled, I met some of the most amazing people I would’ve never even dreamed of meeting, I graduated from college, I made the decision to run my business full time, I danced with Fergie, I changed my address, I worked on really quality projects and the list goes on. My personal growth has surprised me a bit. I have come a long way and it’s really touching to me to have been able to share some of those defining moments with people I dearly love and respect. That part would be the highlight!

My current frame of mind…
… high points continuous graduation, determination and gratitude. I am really looking forward to growth. I’ve grown a lot within the past few months and at such a young age, it really makes me excited for what’s to come — everything else that I have to learn. I am very elated about everything I have been able to experience this year professionally and personally. It has been such a whirlwind. There are a series of things I would love to accomplish in the following year and currently, I’m trying to put the pieces together in order to do so — comprehensively.

Igee Okafor on Instagram

29 Dec 2017 · neubau eyewear
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