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Preserving nature within the city scape: Our latest campaign shot at London’s Kew Gardens

See how our sustainable design finds a perfect match at the shoot location of our latest campaign, London’s number one spot for nature preservation.

Amongst the bustling metropolis of London lays the leafy paradise of Kew Gardens—a quiet, environmental Eden, and one of the most biodiverse places on earth! For over 250 years Kew Gardens has been gifting the world with its beautiful greenery, now it champions leading environmental scientific research too. Home to 50,000 varieties of living plants, including some of the rarest species in the world, Kew Gardens is making a stand against climate change through conservation, and it’s doing it straight from the concrete jungle of Britain’s capital. 

Which, is what makes it the picture perfect location for our latest neubau eyewear campaign shoot. After all, we’re all about fusing urban style with nature— be it through our sustainable material naturalPX or our eco-consciously produced packaging.

For this picturesque shoot, we’ve been lucky enough to explore the glimmering greenhouses of Kew Gardens. Venturing with our models into the heart of the world’s largest Victorian greenhouse, The Temperate house, we experienced botanical wonders, and captured our timeless eyewear range in a whole new glittering light. The most outstanding backdrop we were able to capture is Kew Gardens’ infamous art installation The Hive by UK based artist Wolfgang Buttress. The 17-meter tall formation offers guests to step into this giant beehive made of 170,000 aluminium parts and 1,000 LED lights, filled with a humming sound installation in the key of C, the very key that bees buzz in.

Join us on our journey into the jaw-dropping venue that is Kew Gardens in the video showcasing our naturalPX highlight frames Sonia and Giovanni below:

02 Jun 2019 · neubau eyewear
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