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Photographer Peter Giodani explores Moscow in a way that you’ve never seen before

The Victory Day is one of the biggest holidays in Russia. A surreal parallel universe full of parades, flowers and veterans. Slovenian photographer Peter Giodani explored this special surrounding to give us a unique glimpse of what was happening in Moscow.

The 33-year-old studied sociology to understand the world that he captures in his photographs. His field of interest is wide: fashion meets art meets architecture. A mix that his clients like ELLE cherish. In all fields of photography I try to follow a clean and minimalistic approach. Searching for a moment of calmness in hyped or boring moments”, tells Peter about his approach to work — a strategy that can also be seen in his latest documentary project. Peter Giodani explains his thoughts, his life in Slovenia and shows us some of his favorite pictures.

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Moscow Victory day is a continuation of photo series with a broad definition of urban landscapes. In search for moments of composition, starring either everyday habitat in all its weird shapes and sizes, to extravagant pieces of architecture portrayed in their sharpest moods. Search for a clean moment, with help or against the will of the motive. People are also a subject but most of the time employed as an object in space.”

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Moscow was different. It was visited in a festive period from 1st and 9th of May – from Labour Day to Victory Day. People cleaning streets in preparation, repainting fences, hello-kitty teenagers stopping on a street to shake hands and give flowers to a WW2 veteran. Street/​loud speakers in parks, metro stations, parks playing orchestral music, red flags filling the avenues. Absolutistic architecture of soviet past forming a mesmerizing background for the display.”

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I am a pacifist from birth. Was brought up to love the world and studied sociology to comprehend it.”

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I am currently based in Slovenia – a place which offers a serenity of Europe’s perifery and is at the same time close enough to keep centers of progression and creativity on visible part of horizon. It’s a small place, where you can know everybody on the scene by name and it is not so complicated to get close to amazing individuals, share thoughts, experiences, to collaborate and create. You just have to predict the moment, when the small scale of community and market starts to negatively reflect on your progress. Then you get out from the comfy chair and go to Berlin for a coffee.”

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20 May 2016 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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