Get to know visual thinker Jeisson Martin

From Adidas, Beats by Dre, Nike and Reebok to Universal, photographer and graphic designer Jeisson Martin’s client list reads like the ultimate rapt sheet for any content creator.

The Berlin based creative has crafted a name for himself amongst some of the biggest brands in the world, successfully marketing his crisp and clean images into a viable freelance business. As newest Artist of the Month, Jeisson was handed creative control of neubau eyewear’s frames and produced some incredible images. We sat down to get to know the genius behind the lens and understand how he came to create.

How do you create? What’s your process?
I would love to tell you that I have a rule I follow to get creative,” but it’s really not like that; it’s more like I have ideas in my head, whether it is graphic design or photography, and then it’s just a matter of letting them out.

In school we’re given a limited view into careers, at what point did you realize content creator” was the perfect job for you?
In my school it actually never was like that, both my teachers and my parents saw that I had a huge passion for expressing something creatively. As of now, I am in a place that is perfect for me, but I don’t mind change, I think if you change your field from time to time it only lets you grow!

How old were you when you first began shooting?
I remember back when I was around 15 years old in my hometown of Freiburg, we were skating and I shot my friends on my parents’ VHS. But it took me six years to actually pick up a camera again as a tool for my work.

How did you decide which friends you wanted to shoot for this series?
I always have some people in mind that I want to work with because they inspire me, I find them interesting or I think they would simply fit well for the project. For the neubau eyewear series I picked them because I think their look fits well for the images I was aiming to shoot.

Does your creative process differ when working with friends?
If I am shooting with people I have never met before I like to have a chat before we begin to get on a certain level of empathy.

How do you begin your day?
With a strong coffee and some Rolling Stones.

What has been the hardest aspect of becoming a content creator?
I just started to become a freelancer, and in the beginning it was hard to accept that it is normal to not have jobs regularly, but to keep creating anyways.

What does your ideal Sunday involve?
It has become a sort of a tradition lately that some friends and I meet up and go bouldering at Sonnenallee for 2 – 3 hours, then eat something and go for a small walk to Laika where we watch Tatort. That has become a pretty perfect Sunday for me!

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If you had 12 hours to show someone your city where would you take them?
I would bring them to my favorite places: Körnerpark, Admiralsbrücke (where we would have the best Pizza), Sonnenallee for great Kufta and Baklava, lovely Rixdorf, and of course to my favorite Pub Spelunke, where we would play pool and Darts for free.

Who’s your glasses wearing icon?
That has to be Andy Warhol!

What’s the next big thing you’re working on?
I am founding a collective with four friends. We already found a great loft space and hope to put a studio in there. The organization and the renovation will be a lot of work for us though.

Models: Mariam, Richard, Maya, Simon

30 Oct 2017 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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