Documenting and delibareting reality with photographer Bruna Kazinoti

There seems to be a shift in image-making right now. After years of digital manipulation photographers started drifting away from the artificial and focusing on the reality happening in front of their cameras again. One of those visionary back thinkers is Bruna Kazinoti, a true photographer by heart and moment capturer by head.

Because for Bruna, freezing moments into rectangular pictures is a no brainer. I got my first camera, a Zenit, from my grandmother when I was 14”, she explains, I just put in film and started to shoot things that I feel and see. I didn’t really think about it that much.”

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This kind of open minded approach proved to become a mantra for the creative head throughout her whole career. From her picturesque childhood in Croatia and her Photography studies at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp to the shooting of neubau’s Spring / Summer 2017 Lookbook at various tropical locations in Berlin, Bruna always seems to cover her images with a layer of sensibility and warm glow.

My pictures seem so real because I just shoot real stories, real people”, she says, I try and make the people in front of my camera feel as comfortable as possible and let them be their true selves. Although I often do have a vision of the story I want to shoot in my head, it’s great to also observe and be spontaneous from time to time.” With that said, one might think Bruna’s aesthetic already kind of explains itself. Well, there’s more to this visual story than just this side of her vision. Rather, Bruna Kazinoti also looks to subcultures and underground movements as influences, mixing them with the high-end feel of her photos. An interest linking back to her studies in Antwerp, where she was exposed to a variety of creative fields. The city completely changed my view on things, cultures, art, music… Even today a lot of my work is still focused on subcultures, I feel they bring energy and a sense of sexiness. I still get the most inspired when I see shaved heads.” Or glasses, our Spring / Summer Lookbook seems to prove.

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10 Apr 2017 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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