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We teamed up with the Austrian artist Peter Olschinsky to create a limited collection

We teamed up with the Austrian artist Peter Olschinsky to create a strongly limited range of sunglasses. For the launch we talked to him about his work.

He designed a graphic image of the Viennese district Neubau, that is home to many creatives and the inspiration behind neubau eyewear — the limited collection is from now on available. For the launch of the collection we talked to the Graphic Designer Olschinsky about his work!

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Peter, how do you start your mornings? 

It´s basically the same routine everyday: get up, walk the dog, have breakfast, go to work. On weekends I try to run before breakfast.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. How is your everyday work structured and how did everything start?

I started as an illustrator around 20 years ago, then I shifted more towards graphic design, which is now most of what I do. The structure of my everyday work is based on the projects we are working on – but usually it starts with checking e‑mails, writing a to-do list, and then getting things done. We work hard, and usually don´t have a lunch break, but we try to leave the studio at around 5.

You’re an artist and work in different fields such as graphic design, illustration, photography and art direction. Is there anything you like most and why? 

Each field has its own challenges, and that´s why I like the variety. Of course I feel most comfortable when I am free to play around with illustration, but my goal is to deliver best work in whatever I do. And I believe it´s very important to leave my comfort zone once in a while, otherwise I wouldn´t be able to develop my work any further.

Your specialty is architectural illustration. Is there a city you love most particularly regarding architecture?

Well, there are a lot of fascinating cities. I love the structures of metropolises like New York, Hong Kong, or Shanghai for instance – but that doesn´t necessarily mean I would like to live there. I am interested in how structures are growing and developing, and I like the juxtaposition of old and new. 

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Frank by Peter Olschinsky
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Carla by Peter Olschinsky

How do you inspire yourself while working in a creative studio and being an artist both at the same time? 

To be honest – I think inspiration is not what it takes most when it gets to work. The most important thing is that you sit down and work, work, work. This is how you get shit done. Ideas come all the time, but you need experience to execute them. And experience is earned by hours and hours of labor.

Your architectural illustration of the district Neubau in Vienna is printed on our frames Frank and Carla. Was your work different in this cooperation than normally and how?

Usually, I´m not asked to reproduce a specific area or cityshape; my illustrations normally show surreal cities, so this was something new. Also, regarding the production process for printing on the frames, there were some details I had to take care of, to make sure the illustration would work well on every frame. But that was great fun, actually.

How do you choose the colors for the cities you show in your work and why did you choose green for the district Neubau?

The colour range of my illustrations often develops while I am working on them. There is a lot of random outcome during the process of creation. Regarding the green for the district Neubau: I would probably not have chosen this from the beginning, but it came as a suggestion from you – and it worked out well, I´m totally happy with it.

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Frank by Peter Olschinsky

Do you have idols? 

There are many people in this world that have done extraordinary things. What I admire most is when they do not only have a certain outstanding talent, but when they follow their way obliviously and with determination, to achieve their goals.

Do you think having idols is productive or destructive and why?

There´s a big difference in either getting motivated by someone, or trying to be someone else. First is great, second not. I think we should stop comparing each other, but rather find out our personal strengths.

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(c) Saskia Stolzlechner

Which 3 movies should everybody see? 

Blade Runner 1 and 2
Metropolis (Fritz Lang, 1927)
Eat, Drink, Man, Woman (Ang Lee, 1994)

Which are your favorite places in the district Neubau, Vienna? 

The Museumsquartier, and all the small shops, restaurants, cafes and ateliers around Kirchengasse, Stiftgasse, Neubaugasse.

The limited frames are available online, for Austria only.
Shop Carla by Olschinsky here and Frank by Olschinsky here.

Find out more about Peter Olschinsky.

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Carla by Peter Olschinsky
16 Aug 2018 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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