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People of neubau: a series

neubau eyewear isn’t your typical anonymous label but a familiar brand with dozens of different faces and real stories to tell.

An independent lifestyle eyewear brand, neubau optical frames and sunglasses are designed, developed and manufactured in Austria. Inspired by Vienna’s bustling Neubau district located in the heart of the Austrian capital, neubau is a celebration of urban culture and sustainability. 

With a vision to fuse creativity, sustainability and style, neubau is a reflection of the creative minds and makers behind the brand. In this series, we put a lens on the people of neubau and reveal the real stories and real lives behind the brand. 

To start, meet neubau product manager, Dominik Füred­er a coffee enthusiast with a passion for his budding balcony garden. 

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Then get to know a neubau product designer, creative extraordinaire and multitasking pro Sonia Serlenga.

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Up next we have neubau’s marketing manager, Nina Kaltenboeck who loves a morning chit chat and finds creativity in the most unexpected places. 

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Stay tuned for more from this behind-the-scenes series.

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