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Paulien Antwerp Street Shots 21

Blogger Paulien Riemis shows us around her favorite places in Antwerp

Get to know Blogger Paulien Riemis and her favorite places around her inspiring and vibrant city Antwerp.

Paulien Riemis has been blog­ging for almost 10 years, but only decid­ed to make this her full time pro­fes­sion about 2 years ago. She moved to the city for her mod­el­ing career but turned into a dig­i­tal con­tent cre­ator. Paulien is a true all­rounder: She’s the face of the fash­ion & beau­ty Youtube chan­nel Con­tour, is teach­ing blog­ging class­es, design­ing jew­el­ry and cloth­ing col­lec­tions with dif­fer­ent brands, and is — of course — blog­ging her­self, too. 

She can’t imag­ine leav­ing her favorite city Antwerp, and is now show­ing us her favorite places — from small cob­ble­stone streets, grand his­toric build­ings and cozy to buzzing ter­races at night. 

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Paulien Antwerp Street Shots 2


I like plen­ty of inte­ri­or shops in Antwerp, but Rewinds hon­est sto­ry and care­ful selec­tion makes it just that lit­tle bit more spe­cial. My favourite place for beau­ti­ful table set­ting and unique gifts for friends!

Riem­straat 27, 2000 Antwerp,


Inno­v­a­tive, organ­ic and healthy, that’s what Native’s veg­etable-based meals are all about. If you don’t have time for a full lunch or din­ner, at least try their deli­cious home­made lemon­ade or cock­tails! Oh, and make sure to do a quick talk with the own­er, as his pas­sion is seri­ous­ly contagious.

Muntstraat 8, 2000 Antwerp, @nativeantwerpen


They describe them­selves as eco-min­i­mal­ists and that’s exact­ly what the Stanley/​Stella store radi­ates. Expe­ri­ence a whole new way of shop­ping by choos­ing your fave piece, grab­bing a drink and lit­er­al­ly see­ing it being printed.

Graan­markt 2a, 2000 Antwerp, @wearestanleystella


If you are look­ing for a serene spot to take a step back from the busy city life: these guys sell cof­fee ànd books. Sit down, relax and treat your­self on a deli­cious Bel­gian made cappuccino.

Schelde­straat 79, 2000 Antwerp, @buchbar


My num­ber one shop for on-point vin­tage cloth­ing and acces­sories that are still afford­able! Even my boyfriend always man­ages to find the per­fect den­im jack­et or sec­ond hand sneak­ers here.

Kam­men­straat 14, 2000 Antwerp, @episodevintage


This urban all-round fash­ion, deco and food con­cept store has a clear mis­sion: get local ini­tia­tives out there in this wide world. Which is prob­a­bly the rea­son why they’re locat­ed on Antwerp’s biggest shop­ping street!

Meir 19, 2000 Antwerp, @juttu_official

Oth­er Spots

Details shot at Kloost­er­straat, my favourite street for thrift & antique shopping

Which beau­ti­ful mem­o­ry will for­ev­er be con­nect­ed to your favorite dis­trict?

My best friend & I used to always work out togeth­er at the same gym and would after­wards choose a dif­fer­ent sun­ny ter­race in the South of Antwerp to drink red wine and ruin all the work we’ve done. Amaz­ing times!

How do you spend a Sat­ur­day in your district? 

I always sleep late (not a morn­ing per­son here), cud­dle with our cat and some­times treat myself to brunch at Tin­sel. Around noon I usu­al­ly go to the mar­ket at The­ater­plein with my boyfriend and our friends, where we always hang out at the lit­tle stand that sells home­made shrimp cro­quettes and rosé wine. A rec­om­men­da­tion for sun­ny Sat­ur­days! In the after­noon I like to do some shop­ping or strolling through the antique stores at Kloost­er­straat. As my boyfriend is a great cook, I have my own mini restau­rant at home at night, but we do like to go for drinks at Vit­rin or Bar­bossa afterwards.

Paulien Antwerp Street Shots 21
Paulien Antwerp Street Shots 11

Why does your job per­fect­ly match your city? 

My job exists of so many dif­fer­ent aspects and so does the city! A huge advan­tage is that when I some­times work dur­ing the week­ends, I can still enjoy my days off on Mon­day and Tues­day by loung­ing in one of the many cof­fee bars Antwerp has to offer for exam­ple. You can turn every­day into a week­end day in Antwerp!

Where do you get inspired? 

Peo­ple watch­ing & shop­ping at unusu­al stores with my friends! They always see things dif­fer­ent­ly than your­self and this can be a great eye­open­er or an unex­pect­ed inspi­ra­tion boost.

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Paulien Antwerp Street Shots 12

The best place to peo­ple watch is… Pilar.

My urban oasis is… the (small but pret­ty) Botan­i­cal Garden.

When you want to hear the best live tunes go to… jazz café́ Hopper.

The most pho­to­genic place of the city is… Volk­straat — a cob­ble stone street with lots of cute shops. 

When the sun sets, best be at… the Schelde river.

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31 Jul 2018 · neubau eyewear