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Artist of the month: Paul Aidan Perry

In today’s society we find ourselves surrounded by creators, visualizers and influencers and with that being said it’s tough to come across those whose work truly speaks to you.

We’d like to start off the new year with a photographer who has had our attention ever since we first caught a glance of his visually pleasing work. The Berlin based Paul Aidan Perry is one who brings poise, assertiveness and inspiration what makes him this January’s artist of the month.

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You shoot everything from commercial, editorial, documentary, fashion and more, which of those categories do you prefer the most?
The best thing about my job is that it’s not repetitive, the creative content I make differs day by day. I like everything, as long as it’s something new and the best is when I haven’t done anything like it before..

What was the first picture you remember ever taking?
This may not be my very fist photo, however for the purpose of remembering it would have to be first of May 2002, I was climbing and hiding on a tree in the Berlin district of Hohenschönhausen to photograph a Neo Nazi demonstration. The photo was analogue, in color and I took with my old school point and shoot camera from Panasonic, which I still own today.

Do you feel that we can get to know you through your photography, does your work show your personality?
Luckily, with most of my projects I’m able to bring my own handwriting in the image, but of course that doesn’t work with every. To get to know me a bit better, I’d say follow my analogue diaries, I feel that’s the best interpretation of who I really am.

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What aspect of your work makes you most excited?
With my work I get the opportunity to work with people that I don’t know and it’s always exciting to see how different people work alongside various projects. There’s no doubt that I’m a huge observer, so I’d say that’s the part I enjoy the most.

Analogue or Digital?
Both, always.

Where in the world is your ideal location to shoot?
This probably isn’t a particularly interesting answer, however I tend to like locations where not many people are, locations that can’t be found on Google- Street view. Which can generally be everything that fits to the right time at the right moment. Perhaps that may sound pathetic but it’s the truth.

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With that being said, who would be your ideal model to shoot?
I’m not really a Fan-Boy and don’t necessarily need a model, I’m a bit weird regarding that. My ideal model could be anybody, they’d just need to be able to create the perfect picture with me. It’s all about capturing that ideal moment and becoming a unity.What’s the biggest challenge you face as a photographer today? I get bored very fast, that’s definitely the biggest challenge.

As hard as it may be, use 3 words that best describe your style of photography
Clean. Logic. Ironic.

Your proudest moment?
That doesn’t have anything to do with my life as a photographer

Styling: Anna Boettke, Models: Sidney & Aline @ Izaio Management

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