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Blog Oliver Tippl 0618 01
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We had a chat with the young creative Oliver Tippl about his work and life

He founded his own print publication WUNDER and is moving to London to study at London College of Fashion. With his age of 19 years, he did more than most people. We talked to Oliver Tippl about his work and life.

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Photos by @eileenphotography
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Photos by @eileenphotography

Work­ing for brands and pub­li­ca­tions like Hien Le, Numero Berlin or vogue​.de, Oliv­er Tip­pl is Cre­ative and Art Direc­tor based in Munich. He found­ed his own print pub­li­ca­tion WUN­DER and is mov­ing to Lon­don to study at Lon­don Col­lege of Fash­ion. With his age of 19 years, he did more than most peo­ple: he is extreme­ly focussed but an amaz­ing and relaxed char­ac­ter at both times. We had a chat with the young cre­ative Oliv­er about his work and life. 

Oliv­er, you are amaz­ing­ly suc­cess­ful even though you are very young. How did it all start? 

I think that suc­cess depends on the way you look at things. For me as for most cre­atives it is not real­ly about the past work and also not real­ly about the cur­rent, we con­stant­ly want to get bet­ter in the things we do and what we cre­ate. For me I can speak that it is not real­ly about the dis­ci­pline at first side. A lot of young peo­ple feel the pres­sure to be some­thing and to fit in the sys­tem, but start easy. You have ambi­tions? Great — fol­low them and see where it goes. That‘s what worked out for me.

Blog Oliver Tippl 0618 07
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Photos by @eileenphotography

You worked a long time and very intense­ly on your WUN­DER pub­li­ca­tion. What were your visions and what is the sto­ry behind this print mag­a­zine? What is WUN­DER all about?

WUN­DER is the Ger­man word for mir­a­cle and that’s what the pub­li­ca­tion is all about. I see humans as mir­a­cles. I found a gap in mag­a­zines telling sto­ries about the peo­ple they show­ing in beau­ti­ful fash­ion edi­to­ri­als. So it is a por­trait mag­a­zine that dis­trib­utes bi-annu­al­ly in Ger­man and Eng­lish and every issue runs under a main theme. Our first print issue Time­less“ will be released in September! 

First you com­mut­ed between Nurem­berg and Munich and now you live in Munich, soon it’s going to be between Munich and Lon­don. Which place would you define as home“?

It may sound a bit cheesy but I feel like home is where the heart is. As long as I can jump into a plane and vis­it my loved ones, it is not about the dis­tance or the places. Also nowa­days Face­time makes liv­ing apart from fam­i­ly and friends way easier. 

How do you start your days?

Usu­al­ly by a cup of cof­fee, while check­ing my mails — even if I know I shouldn’t. After a show­er I am ready to answer mails, think of con­cepts and plan the day. 

WUN­DER is the Ger­man word for mir­a­cle and that’s what the pub­li­ca­tion is all about. I see humans as miracles.

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Photos by @eileenphotography

You are very often on the road. Which are your essen­tials on your trips? Do you got any trav­el advice?

The more you trav­el, the more you know what to car­ry with you on a trip. Check the weath­er for sure, so you can make sure you got the right cloth­ing with you. But hon­est­ly I always end up with some t-shirts, shirts, a nice pair of trousers, jeans and prob­a­bly a relaxed pullover. Beau­ty wise I end up hav­ing all my prod­ucts in small sizes. An oil, scrub and face water and I am good to go. And as you nev­er know how much you are going to sleep, a pair of sun­glass­es is a must have.

Which pho­tog­ra­phers inspire you? 

Even though I am real­ly into fash­ion and por­trait pho­tog­ra­phy, I vis­it­ed the Andreas Gursky exhi­bi­tion in Lon­don recent­ly and I think his images are quite impres­sive. Then there are some Ger­mans I real­ly like: Mar­ius Uhlig, Phil Engel­hardt, Volk­er Con­radus to name a few.

What are your 5 favorite accounts on Insta­gram?

All time favorite is @c_l_o and I real­ly like @studiohienle. You also should fol­low @plantsonpink if you love plants and pink — and @lenalademann because she is funny.

Blog Oliver Tippl 0618 11
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Last book you read?

I am cur­rent­ly read­ing all the Hec­tor and the search of…“ books by Fran­cois Lelord and I real­ly can rec­om­mend them!

And — the most impor­tant ques­tion: Which char­ac­ter attribute is most impor­tant for being successful?

Being hon­est.

03 Jul 2018 · neubau eyewear