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NGOs and water – innovation for a new frame of mind

NGOs are founded by heroes and doers who are striving for a world where humanity lives in balance with nature again - most of which are built by a single innovative and idealistic idea, finding like-minded, visionaries and professionals to work on ambitious projects helping our planet recover and regenerate for a better tomorrow. We would like to put a lens on NGOs which are helping to build a sustainable water circle and shine light on ways to live in harmony with nature’s resources. Find out more about NEUBAU EYEWEAR’s water filtration and sustainable manufacturing practises here and join the Sustainable Avantgarde.


If we take a closer look at our water cycle it becomes more than clear that pollution is one of the foremost dangers to our sensible bio-cosmos. It is time for a worldwide clean-up, innovative ideas and solutions help the process.

Planet Patrol

Planet Patrol is planning clean-ups all over the world to bring communities together, for people who want to do their bit and have a little adventure at the same time. The clean-ups can be inland or on waterways. Every clean-up, where waste is seen, photographed and shared and then cleared away, helps the environment. The Planet Patrol app is the first ever reliable and freely available tool to identify global pollution trends. It’s now used to log all litter in a database of real-time information about pollution.


Everwave tries to tackle the problem at the root: by trying to filter waste as it enters the water cycle and thus prevent it from being distributed in rivers and oceans. They are building active and passive clean-up technologies such as river platforms and garbage collection boats to efficiently collect waste and feed it back into a sustainable cycle.


WeWater developed an innovative water filter technology that works without the use of electrical energy and chemicals and guarantees an extremely high degree of purity. To do so, they invented the AQQAplate - a knobbed plate coated on both sides with a membrane. The water diffuses from the outside into the filter plate. Dirt and pathogens stick to the outer membrane layer. The purified water runs to a central outlet inside of the plate. Their mission? WeWater wants to provide people with an existential livelihood through clean drinking water.

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Picture: WeWater —  WeWater


Drought and water shortage is a problem around the globe although 71% of our planet consists of water. Innovative organisations are trying to transform these resources into clean and drinkable water supplies.


Drinking fog may sound like a fairy-tale, but research in Morocco made it a real life thing! The so-called CloudFisher can supply people with high-quality drinking water that meets WHO standards and can also provide water for agriculture and forestry. How does it work? Wind drives the fog into vertically suspended nets. The droplets are caught in the 3D mesh and merge into larger drops, which then fall into the collecting trough below. From there the fog water is piped into a reservoir.


Turning saltwater into drinkable fresh water? Humanity long thought this was an impossible task, but researchers all over the world are keen to solve the problem - because finding the key for transformation could end the problem of fresh water supply forever! There are several ideas and techniques currently being developed, but most of them use a lot of resources and are extremely expensive in their production. GivePower however has found a way to convert salt water into drinkable fresh water by using solar power. Sounds too good to be true? They are already operating their projects in several countries and their Solar Water Farm with advanced filtration systems and new solar-powered desalination technology is converting sea and brackish salt water into clean and healthy water. Each solar water farm produces enough fresh drinking water for 35,000 people every single day. The GivePower solar water farm produces a high quality of water over a longer period of time with no negative environmental impact.

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Credit: GivePower


Missing infrastructure and know-how is one of the key factors to water shortage and drought around the world. Teaching expertise in water distribution and building effective systems may be the solution to fair and sustainable water spread for the future.

Water for Good

Water for Good works with communities to establish sanitation best practices - they are empowering people to create sustainable clean water access and improving agriculture. They connect communities with locally-owned water businesses, supply spare parts and government oversight. To get a view on their impact they created an interactive live view via Google Maps – it’s worth taking a look!

Care: Water+

CARE’s water strategy empowers people to make decisions about their own water and sanitation systems and water management. From setting up rainwater harvesting systems to installing new water monitoring technologies, they use both innovative and time-tested solutions to conserve water in the face of unpredictable and varied threats. Their goal is to help change the ways governments do business on a local, municipal and state level, particularly for the most vulnerable and marginalized populations.

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