To make sure we go towards a more sustainable future, we need experts and activists leading us there; individuals as well as organizations with a clear vision, who are striving for a more environmentally friendly future. As human-made climate change becomes an increasing risk for the pure existence of this planet, it is a “now or never” kind of moment to act quickly and responsibly. Therefore, nongovernmental organizations have a huge importance in the representation and education of civil society – both symbolically as well as practically.

NGO's have been playing an important part in numerous environmental conventions and their pure presence has been crucial in the evolution of a variety of environmental agreements. This is why we want to highlight NGOs that are dedicated to make planet Earth a better place by taking action and making change happen. Find out more about NEUBAU EYEWEAR’s goal to create a sustainable future and join the Sustainable Avantgarde.



The Earth Island Institute acts as an environmental umbrella organization. It provides support to environmental action projects and activists to achieve solutions to the crises threatening the survival of life on Earth since 1982. The organization is a fiscal sponsor to a network of more than 75 Environmental activist projects who are working to protect the planet and all species that live on it.


The Global Footprint Network is an international Think-Tank that provides ecological footprint accounting tools to drive policy decisions in today’s resource-constrained world. The NGO was founded in 2003 with the vision of a future where all can thrive within the means of our one and only planet Earth.



NABU was founded in 1899 and is the oldest as well as the largest environmental association in Germany. It stands for “Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union of Germany” and aims to protect planet Earth. NABU implements concrete nature conservation nationally as well as internationally, which includes the preservation of rivers, oceans, forests and many other ecosystems as well as the protection of individual animal and plant groups and species.

EuroNatur Stiftung

The foundation aims to raise awareness of wildlife and nature conservation across Europe. By working with local conservation organizations and Europe-wide partner networks, EuroNatur aims to ensure the protection of wildlife, plants as well as their habitats. It’s a crucial German-based organization fighting for a better future.


This NGO has the vision to conserve threatened species and ecosystems worldwide. Established over a century ago, Fauna & Flora International is the world’s oldest international wildlife conservation organization. They have been shaping and influencing conservation practice since 1903.

Having dedicated our last collection and campaign of 2021 to the Earth, we’re full of joyful anticipation about what 2022 will bring. One thing is for sure though: we at NEUBAU want to continue to take part in positive environmental change and do everything we can to make this planet a better place – by acting responsibly and sustainably in every possible way we can.

That’s why this past year has been an important milestone for us as a sustainable brand. For World Ocean Day we finally launched our new Special Edition "Perspectives of Pioneers"; a reminder for us all to change our perspectives and keep a vigilant eye on the oceans to preserve and protect them. With #NEUBAUpioneers we joined forces with Planet Patrol and organized an international trash collection campaign with the goal of minimizing trash on land and in the oceans, in order to ensure the protection of biodiversity. And even though we are truly excited about how much we have achieved with our #NEUBAUpioneers, we sure know that there’s still much more work to do. So 2022, bring it on!

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