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neubau eyewear: meet the brand’s international heroes

Frame of Mind went exploring with their new neubau eyewear glasses on to find other fans of the eyewear brand that has been making waves in the industry.

neubau eyewear is named after the creative and young Neubau area in Vienna, Austria, minimalist while still remaining unique, neubau pieces are the next must-have accessory regardless of how perfect one’s eyesight is. Already gaining the attention of top editors, stylists and bloggers, neubau eyewear has started a movement that is generating huge buzz. Check out the Insta-gods who are loving them at the moment.

Aligning with the brand’s minimalist vibe, all round style influencer, David Hojnik dons his red neubau eyewear glasses.

Fashion blogger, travel writer and the ecstatic, creative mind behind Your Ambassadrice’ trots around the world in her cool, crisp new pair of neubau glasses.

Perkens Bien Aimé, the Beverly Hills, LA based style influencer and creator of the blog Garcon a la mode’ is known for his sharp suits, effortless style and countless other creative collaborations with brands like Moods of Norway.

Sara Zavernik alias The Blonde Bliss is your fashion favorite from Maribor, Slovenia. The self-proclaimed hat addict is not only a personal style blogger who looks great on every picture but also a designer — what an interesting combination, isn’t it?

Stephanie Broek, fashion features editor of GLAMOUR Netherlands is an Amsterdam based fashion influencer who hosts the video series, Hi Fashion’ and is onboard for everything animal friendly!

Nina Himmelreich, creator of the nhmml’ blog, specializes in frames of a different kind. Travelling and shooting inspirational places, people, spaces and fashion require a crisp clear eye, luckily her neubau frames have her covered.

The blogger behind faceprint​.at’ is Austrian style girl and eyewear tantric, Jen from Vorarlberg. Starting the new trend obsession of glasses, Jen’s blog is dedicated only to eyewear!

Deemed one of the most stylish men in Austria, Kevin Elezaj, of the Sneakers & Baggies’ blog is a stylist and blogger who keeps his lines chic, new and innovative when it comes to menswear.

Situated right in Neubau, Uppers & Downers’ is a Vienna based brand that specializes in streetwear and chic basics (or more if you dig a little deeper).

Heroes & Heroines’ is an international PR and event agency who take pride in their rebellious nature and have a global network of cool kids who are always one step ahead in the creative world.

She’s born in France and works in Montréal: meet stylish womenswear blogger Tabitha!

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Social Media Editor of INDIE magazine and MATERIAL GIRL, stylist Olive Duran, has an overall aesthetic of effortless cool and contemporary.

Australian stylist, contributor and model, Berlin-based Cheyenne Tulsa is seen on online publications such as German VOGUE, generating the right kind of Berlin style.

Travelling around the world in her neubau eyewear glasses, Kira Stachowitsch is the innovative founder and Editor-in-Chief of INDIE magazine and MATERIAL GIRL.

Menswear style icon, blogger and stylist Jonathan Zegbe discovers the Neubau district on his first time out in Vienna.

The Berlin based online editor in chief of INDIE and Material Girl magazine, contributing editor at i‑D Germany and Blonde magazine, Marieke Fischer, collaborates with creatives across the globe to decide what’s cool for the culture kids.

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Belgian couple, bloggers Nathalie and Michiel show the world more about Antwerp’s culture, street style and their travel experiences, creating a unique blog on the hottest places to visit.

Viennese lifestyle and fashion blogger, creator of sohphiehearts​.com’, keeps it chic in her neubau eyewear frames, making clear frames the top pick of the season.

Stripes, leather jackets, tall buildings and city lights, Manuel is the brain and body behind meanwhileinawesometown. The blog shows off the latest menswear trends and Manuel’s lifestyle for all the world to witness.

Famed blogger, Raffael Payr, talks about his style, fashion, lifestyle, travels and everything about being the cool man on his blog thelionheaded​.com.

The blogger and co-founder spends his weekends reading by the pool, and looking fabulous while doing it thanks to neubau eyewear.

Toni Tran is the creative director and photographer from LA who tells all about his favorite menswear moments, travel on fashitect. He also knows how to rock the Paul’ gold frames with sass and style!

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White linen and steering wheels come hand in hand when talking about men with class and style. The guys over at heldth love their new neubau eyewear and give it the classy tick of approval.

Italian it-girl and style blogger, Lau Martin loves the classics, aligning them with her personal style. neubau eyewear fits effortlessly into her wardrobe and became the perfect fit after her visit to Vienna.

Carola Pojer, digital creative and style blogger of viennawedekind is known for her lady-like, chic style, discovering new pieces and the hottest brands. Working with neubau eyewear she created a visual diary of her favorite spots in Vienna that had her wide following drooling.

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01 Sep 2016 · neubau eyewear
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