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Urbanity, design, innovation: neubau eyewear launches worldwide

Walking through the streets of Vienna's Neubau neighborhood is exciting. Behind every corner you can discover new favorites.

From cozy cafés to modern restaurants, from photography studios to fashion ateliers, from art galleries to concept stores, in the 7th district you can find anything that is new, creative and zeitgeisty. Adjuncts that perfectly sum up what neubau eyewear also stands for. The Austrian brand found its inspirational breeding ground in exactly this area pursuing the goal to make these characteristics become visible in form of innovative spectacles, to spread the Neubau mindset worldwide.

In an appealingly authentic way, neubau eyewear reflects the recent zeitgeist of eyewear fashion. It is inspired by young, creative and contemporary Vienna and can be seen as a homage to fashionable urban quarters everywhere, as well as to the vanguard who live and act in them”, explains Daniel Liktor, who is supervising the brand as well as the launch of neubau eyewear. But that’s not all, another important unique feature is neubau’s way of producing: superior design meets high quality and ecologically sustainable, Austrian manufacturing. The first collection with 12 models of optical eyewear in six color variations each is launching worldwide today, the next drop is going to follow in October 2016 – and this line will come with a big surprise…

01 Jun 2016 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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