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30 Shades of Urban Attitude by Mjriam Bon

A glance, a slight movement, an expression on the face, the t-shirt falling against the body.

There are many small details that reveal so much about a person before they speak, and often those describe that person in the deepest and most sincere way. The small details that define a creative personality, and attract without making a sound. This was what Mjriam Bon was looking for when she began to study the subjects of her photographic project 30 Shades of Urban Attitude” in collaboration with neubau eyewear.

30 faces, 30 shots, 30 individuals from the world of art, fashion, design, and urban culture who wear glasses of the Viennese brand, and through them become spokespersons for a fresh, clean, bold, and creative lifestyle. 30 interesting and different lives, who all share a passion for what they do, narrated through the lens of both the glasses and the camera.

Mjriam was born in Venice, despite her atypical Italian features of blonde hair and green eyes. As a towering international model turned photographer, at just 16 she moved to Milan and started to travel the world with famous stylists. neubau eyewear was born in a place where the inhabitants are distinguished by their individuality and originality, where creativity and experimentation are a fundamental aspect of their DNA. This story fascinated me and the analogy with Milan was outstanding. It reawakened in me an awareness of these same values in my hometown. Hence the idea of 30 Shades of Urban Attitude’.”

30 Shades of Urban Attitude’ was presented and exhibited as a preview at the Phifest in Milan, the contemporary photographic festival which this year presented the Travelling Without Moving’ theme. The festival crafted an experiential path between the pictures of the artists and their environments, creating a diverse series of stories and dialogues.

All the pictures of the 30 faces of 30 Shades of Urban Attitude’ were sold during the Phifest and the proceeds were donated to Green City Italia.

This association, which adopts the objectives of the Homonymous European Foundations in Holland, Germany, Great Britain, France, Hungary and Switzerland, is involved in research and development aimed at improving the urban quality, promoting ecologic culture, encouraging cultural activities and improving eco-sustainability. Investment in Green City Italia is a concrete way to implement the neubau eyewear mission of SEE&DOGOOD on Italian soil. Respect for the environment and the urban aesthetic is essential for creativity to flourish.

20 Jun 2017 · neubau eyewear
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