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Meet trailblazing neubau model Marianne Schrøder

We chatted with the iconic Marianne Schrøder about everything from sustainability to self-image and the importance of being nice.

For the latest neubau campaign, shot in two inspiring locations in the U.K., we were honored to work with the legendary Norwegian model Marianne Schrøder. A timeless beauty with a refreshingly healthy perspective on the fashion industry, Marianne is more than a model, she’s a role model and a delightful person to chat with as you’ll soon see below.

Bringing her warm energy to the modern and minimalist shoot locations, Marianne offered insights on everything from her charmed start in the industry to the advice she gives her children.

Tell us a little bit about how you got into modeling?

I am from Norway but moved to Denmark in 1997 looking for work. A friend of mine suggested I go with him to his agent. So I did that and soon after I had some pictures taken and pretty much right after that I went to New York to visit an agent. It worked out really well so I ended up staying for four years. I was a redhead at that moment and the timing was just perfect. My look was very hot so I started working all over the world within a couple of months.

In an industry that celebrates perfection, how do you maintain a healthy self-image?

When I first started modeling it was quite difficult to maintain a healthy self-image because I compared myself to all the other models and of course thought that they were prettier and skinnier, but today I know that I am unique and I get the jobs I do because they want me because the way I look. I appreciate that I am thin in a natural way, but I have realized that being thin does not make you happy, so I work out and eat healthily and sleep well so I am mentally healthy and that makes me happy.

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What's your idea of beauty?

My idea of beauty is when you are comfortable in your own body and accepting the way you look. It shines through when you are relaxed and use your energy on others than thinking about the way you look all the time.

“I think people are beautiful when they dare to laugh out loud and make fun of themselves. Life is short so make sure you have fun.”

What gets you excited about your work as a model?

I find my job exciting when I meet new people of all ages from all over the world. I get to hear their stories and I love that we’re working together. We all have to do our best in a day or two to make beautiful pictures. For example, when I meet a new designer it is always interesting to hear their thoughts about the collection and likewise the photographers who have different backgrounds and stories to tell. Traveling to new places is of course also great.

What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?

The best advice I have received is BE NICE TO PEOPLE.

Sustainability is becoming more and more of a focus in fashion, what do you think about this movement?

I love that the industry must think about sustainability. We must realize that overconsumption and overusing nature's resources will jeopardize future generations. So I am glad the fashion industry is finding alternative ways to produce items and is looking into using materials that will not compromise the future generations' ability to meet their needs.

What does sustainable living mean to you and how do you integrate sustainable practices into your everyday life?

I try to buy less. It can be really challenging, but really important. I also try to teach it to my kids. IF YOU DO NOT NEED IT. IT IS NOT A GOOD DEAL. :-)

Do you remem­ber your first pair of glass­es? How has your style and rela­tion­ship to your glass­es changed?

I do not remember my first glasses, but when I buy glasses today I take much better care of them. I get really attached to them and try to hang on to them as long as possible. Eventually, I lose them or they break, but then it is exciting to get a new pair to fall in love with. ;-)

17 Nov 2019 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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