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Mauricio F. Corridan sees the world through his camera lens

In a time where the number of followers on your Social Media channels are the new quality standard, Mauricio Fuentes Corridan is creating a refreshing alternative.

Even though he can count almost 42k people on his Instagram feed, his photographs set the bar high every time. His clean aesthetic, beautiful locations and weirdly posing models invite his followers into a world of creativity and most of all, real expertise. He knows what he’s doing. He has trained his craft and genuine eye at Berlin’s renowned university for photography: BTK and he works for one of the city’s best venues for contemporary art, C/O.

Before that the thirty-year-old with Spanish and Irish roots studied advertising and public relations in Salamanca, Spain. With this combination of skills Mauricio is an artist who knows how to market himself. In between his already busy schedule Mauricio travels the world, most of the time with his photographer girlfriend Olja Ryzevski. We had the pleasure to chat with this talented man about his must-see places, the concept of beauty and his future projects.

When and how did you realize you wanted to become a photographer?
I had always enjoyed looking at beautiful imagery and watching nature and wildlife documentaries, but I had never actually thought about becoming a professional photographer. A few years ago, I decided to find a new and more creative path. I’m currently about to finish my BA in Photography in Berlin.

What impact did that choice have on your life?
A huge impact. Studying Photography has changed my life completely. Before these studies, I had studied Advertising and PR and had worked in many different companies in Spain, Switzerland and Germany doing many different things. Now my life is all about photography and I really couldn’t be happier.

Does creativity run through your family, or is the urge to create something that grew in you independently?
In my family there aren’t any photographers or artists, but I think my brother and sister are very creative in their own fields.

How do you define beauty?
Beauty is a very broad word and is interpreted very differently by all of us. Beauty is in all things. As the famous quote says: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

And how do you translate that definition to your work?
Like I said, I think beauty can be found in everything, and therefore in all different fields in photography. I don’t stick to just one genre and I find beauty in all of them.

How do you know you’ve found the perfect motive/​setting/​location?
Somehow I just know. I can feel it. It’s normally a combination of all of them.

What word describes your photographs the best?
In my most recent critiques at University, my work has been described as aesthetic and sensitive.

In which situations do you enjoy taking pictures the most?
When I travel. I need to see new things to be able to feel truly inspired.

Your girlfriend seems to be always by your side, what role does she play in your creative process?
A very important role. We travel together, work together and inspire each other.

You travel a lot – how do you choose the places you want to go?
Sometimes we visit places we both really want to visit, but most of the time it happens in a much more spontaneous way.

Which place has had the biggest impact on you this year and why?
There are two really amazing places I visited this year. One of them was the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona the second one is Java Island in Indonesia. Both places are just incredible and I would highly recommend both.

What/​who would you like to photograph in future?
No one and nothing in particular. I hope to continue travelling the world and getting inspiration from all the people and things I encounter on the way.

Make sure to follow Mauricio on Instagram and Flickr.

08 Nov 2016 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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