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Magic Cleaning: 3 things that you can sort out straight away

Here are three simple sorting steps to help you on your way towards a sustainable, good life!

Living a sustainable lifestyle is an ongoing process, not a finite goal to be achieved. This process constantly makes you ask yourself: what do I really need? What am I really using? Your own home is the starting point for a sustainable and well-ordered life. Your personal space is the mirror to your soul, a saying that has good reason to exist because those who take stock of their possessions can find a sense of inner peace: outer order creates inner order. It’s true that it’s liberating to re-organise your things — minimalism is no longer just a trend but a lifestyle that has contributed heavily to design. Here are three simple sorting steps to help you on your way towards a sustainable, good life!

Clothes you haven’t worn for over a year

Take a look at your wardrobe and every single piece of clothing in it and ask yourself: When was the last time I wore this?” If you can barely remember or not at all, you should think about parting with it. It might be difficult but the result will leave you feeling good!

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Odds and ends hiding in drawers

Drawers should be forbidden! If there are things that don’t have a fixed place in your home, that’s usually a sign that you don’t use them — and where do they end up collecting? In drawers and hidden places which you rarely or never open. Take a look in these places and go through their contents: pens, papers, expired pills. Get rid of them! It’s literal relief.

Email newsletters and Instagram feed

Digital tidiness is also becoming increasingly important. Organising files, deleting unopened newsletters from your inbox and sorting out your Instagram feed all help. Deleting old accounts that no longer excite you is liberating and can often also be personally inspiring.

08 Jun 2018 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR · Photography by Tereza Mundilova
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