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How to live in style with Raffael Payr alias The Lionheaded’

Raffael Payr, the man behind the curious and cultivated travel/lifestyle blog, ‘The Lionheaded’ has broken conventions and promotes sophistication in creativity.

Based out of Austria and now expanding into new horizons of style as a result of his picturesque journeys, he is one exciting character that we wanted to get to know better.

His effortless style, viewpoint of looking at travel and a humorous manner of describing his own experiences — and himself — make him stand out from the hoard of bloggers storming every fashion week. He agrees that he is different and is certainly on board for all things sleek, cool and outdoor-sy. Meet Raffael alias The Lionheaded.

How did you name your blog The Lionheaded’ and why?
It’s actually referring to my natural curly hair which I usually conceal to a bun. But when I open it I look like I’m wearing a lion’s mane!

You write about being a tad different from your peers. How did you get the idea to become a blogger instead?
Clothes became pretty important for me early on while others were more interested in football and other things. So I also always spent my last penny for clothes. Working in the classic fashion industry was not really fulfilling to me. I felt caged like a lion in the zoo and I knew there must be more out there. So one thing led to another and when my friends told me I should start a blog I just started!

What’s the one travel experience that has developed and changed your viewpoint in terms of everything?
I think mostly it’s not just one factor changing views. There are so many great countries with great history and different creative people and visions — I think with every journey you will learn a little bit more about others and yourself!

Why do you always come back to Austria?
I don’t know — it just happens. Austria is somehow like a safe harbor. It’s wealthy and safe — something quite unique in the world. And it’s all a little bit slower, like Gustav Mahler already recognized When the end of the world is near, I will move to Vienna because everything happens 50 years later there.“ I kind of like this quality about the city, while I’m always in fast forward.

Where can we find you when hanging around in Neubau?
Of course at the Museumsquartier where you can find nice places to hang around and meet friends. But also at the cool stores like Peng! shop, Comerc store and other exciting stores with inspiring fashion.

What is something that we would be surprised to know about your creative journey?
Already 20 years ago I had a homepage“ (that’s what it was called back then) just with pictures from my daily life — so it was basically an Instagram prototype!

How can we imagine the collaboration with your wife?
Honestly, it’s great! Without her I would not be where I am now. Together we are really the best team I can imagine. But of course we also argue a lot — especially during photo shoots — just like normal’ couples do.

Out of all the labels, what makes neubau eyewear a real eyecatcher?
I love that the frames are also available in special colors like teal (which is my personal favorite)! Life should not just be black and white.

Choose: either one classic frame for the rest of your life or one new crazy frame every day?
Since my whole creativity is based on constant change I vote #crazyforeveryday!

Your favorite eyewear moment in popculture?
Kurt Cobain’s round shaped white shades are number one! Hope I will get a remake from neubau eyewear soon.

Read everything Raffael has to say about neubau eyewear here.

Photography by Marion Vicenta Payr

14 Jul 2016 · neubau eyewear
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