District Guide: Soho, New York City

25-year-old blogger Lily Montasser is showing us her favorite spots in her beloved district Soho in New York City.

Born and raised in California, 25-year-old blogger Lily Montasser moved to New York City six years ago to pursue an education in the arts — and stayed for her passion. Since then, she started her own business and become a blogger at The Demeler.

New York is a big part in her life and work, too: The energy, the creativity and the drive of the people around me really push me forward,” she says. Even though we are all fighting for our own cause and our own careers, it’s that collective push that keeps us all going — like the OM’ chant at the end of a yoga class. Super awkward if you’re the only one doing it, but when you all chant it together, the results are incredible.” 

“It’s like the OM” chant at the end of a yoga class. Super awkward if you’re the only one doing it. But when you all chant it together, the results are incredible.”

Which memory will forever be connected to your favorite district Soho?

My first real” NYC apartment in the heart of Soho. It was a tiny, and very expensive, studio on West Broadway. It fit me, a bed, and an awkwardly shaped dinner table, and that’s about it. But I loved it! It was first time living on my own, and I have so many memories there.

How do you spend a Sunday in your district?

I love Sundays in Soho. The streets are quiet and I love to just loiter around the neighborhood. Starting with brunch at Sant Ambroeus. Then I stop by some of my favorite stores for some eye candy (Saint Laurent and Acne Studios to name a few). I always pop by The Line for interior inspiration. Then I spend the afternoon sipping coffee on a stoop and watching people. Best way to end the week!

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Why does your job perfectly match your city?

In New York City anything is possible. And you can be whoever you want to be. That’s what my job is all about. No judgement, just being yourself.

Where do you get inspired?

On the streets, honestly! Whether it’s bumping into Bella Hadid at a coffee shop, or spotting some cool skater kids gliding down the side streets — the streets of Soho are filled with characters. 

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The best place to people watch is…

Cipriani Downtown. The scene in the restaurant is a social spectacle in itself. But I love sitting outside, ordering a spaghetti Bolognese, and people watching on West Broadway. 

@cipriani 376 W Broadway, New York, NY 10012

The nicest vintage clothes you can find at…

What Goes Around Comes Around. They’ve got everything from vintage Chanel to hard-to-find rock tees. I also love their jewelry selection. 

@whatgoesaroundnyc 351 W Broadway, New York, NY 10013

My urban oasis is…

Equinox! I go every day. Sometimes twice a day. A yoga class or a run. Relaxing in their steam room. And cooling down with a chilled eucalyptus towel. So worth the hefty membership price. 

@equinox 69 Prince St, New York, NY 10012

When you have to work on your laptop best go to…

Public Hotel. It’s where all the neighborhood creative’s congregate into one communal office. Plus, once the clock strikes 4pm, you can head upstairs to the rooftop bar and forget about work ;)

@publichotels 215 Chrystie St, New York, NY 10002

The most photogenic place of the city is…

Greene Street, in between Spring and Broome. White gorgeous column buildings and cobble stone streets. It’s where I first started shooting for the blog, and still my go-to spot two years later. 

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