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The liberal city with an old soul, the only reasons you’ll need to visit Amsterdam

Bikes, tall folks, canals, snack shops and red lights. Yes we're talking about the Dutch capital that is Amsterdam.

A paradise for the laid back, the art enthusiasts, and home to an eclectic mix of cultures, making it a city that no matter what your preferences may be, you’re bound to find your calling here. This picturesque place may only hold a population of just over 800k, leaving its central areas to be quite densely populated and yet it still manages to be the third most visited European city, and we’re here to tell you why…

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First things first, upon arrival after getting settled we’d highly suggest finding your nearest bike rental service and hop on the two wheels. It’s engraved in Dutch culture to ride bikes, let there be rain, sunshine or wind there is always bike traffic. It’s been proven that you’ll get around faster by bike than any day in the car.

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As the saying goes, what is one person’s junk is another person’s treasure. And in Amsterdam when looking for those unique treasures we advice you to take a pit stop to the the following three markets.

Albert Cuyp- we’re not too sure how many native Amsterdam people you’ll find visiting this attraction as it’s filled with crowds of tourists however we still suggest taking a stroll. Located in the old-south district this market is renowned for its selection of international cuisine, lively atmosphere, and exceptionally affordable prices.

Waterlooplein- smack down in the middle of the city this flea market is best known for its selection of vintage clothing, second hand books, electronics and much more.

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Noordermarkt- bringing a shine onto the most hated day of the week, that is Monday the market on Amsterdam’s Noordermarkt gives this day a better reputation. Small yet visit worthy, this interest is found in the district of Jordaan, here you’ll find numerous stalls selling textiles jewelry and further bits and bobs. Oh and not to be forgotten, on Saturdays this square turns into a farmers market, the go-to to shop for your organic fruits and veggies.

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Home to the historical Anne Frank House, the famous Rijks Museum and FOAM, both which are found on the acclaimed museum square. Not to be forgotten are the coffeeshops, and many quaint streets for shopping, this is a place for the young, the old, the soul seekers, the party animals, the historians and those who are just looking for a weekend away. The city holds various cultures and diverse ethnicities, leaving your palette of food options to plenty.

The nightlife scene is on a steady rise, with several clubs taking the Berlin approach to long dancing hours and only top notch DJs. With that being said, if clubs aren’t so your thing then we suggest the array of local bars such as Strijk, The Minds, Diep and the Kopstootbar all within the most highlighted districts.

So pack your camera, appetite and an umbrella and head over to Amsterdam, you won’t regret it.

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Photography by Texas Schiffmacher

10 Feb 2017 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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