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Learn the art of slow travel with our open road

Trading in the American dream of four walls, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a white picket fence, artist Adam and his wife fashion designer Emily Harteau, left the comforts of even one bathroom for an adventure filled lifestyle of slow travel.

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In October 2012 the duo, along with their young daughter Colette, took to the winding roads of South America in their VW Westfalia, originally aiming to return to the comfort of their Californian home 12 months later.

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Since then, the Harteau’s have grown from three to four, welcoming their second daughter in Brazil in 2014. While the limited space, lack of shower and constant driving might not be the dream for everyone, the unique and adventurous lifestyle Adam and Emily have created is inspiring people worldwide to pack up their materialistic possessions in search for greener pastures. Through their blog Our Open Road,’ the family documents their incredible destinations as well as sell unique, one of a kind home wears hand crafted by South American artisans in their monthly online 24-hour Bazaar.

Inspired to pack up your suitcase, buy a van and drive through the picturesque countries of South America? Head to Our Open Road to follow Adam and Emily’s adventures.

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