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Lady Venom takes us on a journey to the Faroe Islands

Marion Payr aka Lady Venom, Austrian travel blogger / photographer, took neubau eyewear frames with her to explore the Faroe Islands.

With a full packed itinerary ahead of her, she captured the sheer beauty and vast landscapes of the remote Islands. Exploring the endless waterfalls and cliffs present there: read what Lady Venom documented on her travels…

Where do you take us in your pictures for FRAME OF MIND?
I’m taking you on a journey to the Faroe Islands — a group of 18 islands midway between Norway and Iceland. They officially are a part of Denmark, but kept their autonomy. So although it feels a little like Europe, it’s not part of the EU and the islanders take their pride in being independent from the mainland. Even when it comes to food — although that means that they mostly eat fish, sheep and rhubarb, the only thing that really grows there.

What fascinated you the most about the Faroe Islands?
The match ball might be divided between the vast landscapes without a single tree and the kilometer-long tunnels with just a single lane (but traffic on both directions). And we could also throw in the helicopter flights, that are as cheap as train tickets — because there’s no other way to reach certain islands.

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How and why did you begin your travel blog?
Mostly because from all the travels I’m going on I’ve only shared a fragment on Instagram. From 1.000 photos I take I probably only share 1 or 2 on Instagram. It became evident that I produced mostly for my external hard drives and I wanted to change that and share more of the stories and infos from my travels.

How does running a blog help/​inspire you when you travel?
Running a blog changes the way you travel. I do more research than before, I read more about the history and culture of the places I visit. When you travel and focus on Instagram you become obsessed with the” photo and the visual appeal of a destination. But when you run a blog you can dive deeper — which makes traveling more worth the while.

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It seems like you are always travelling – what does your hometown, Vienna mean to you?
Vienna is my vacation. Here I don’t have to run from one end to the other to discover as much as possible. I know I miss a lot of what’s happening in my hometown, but I need that time at home to sort my memories and relax. I do believe that Vienna is the perfect city to come home to — it always feels like not much has changed and that gives a certain reliability that keeps me sane.

Where is your favorite place to visit, or the place you have been most inspired by on your travels?
I get this question a lot and I always fail to answer it. Every trip inspires me in a certain way — so every destination has an impact on me. If I had to choose a place for a vacation it would probably be somewhere with little to see or do — just so that I could resist the urge to explore. Something like the Maldives for example (although I have never been). I would probably be bored like crazy and that could be a good (and also inspiring) thing… and I could finally read a book, listen to music and just be in the moment.

But — that being said — if I had only one more trip to do for a while it would be Argentina. My grandparents moved to Austria from Argentina. The first (and last) time I visited was in 2002 — 15 years ago. So it’s about time to re-connect with my family there again and see more of this incredible country.

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What unexpected/​underrated place can you recommend the most for people to visit?
If you’re into nature — the Faroe Islands are amazing! Think Iceland just without the heaps of tourists. Remote, vast landscapes of sheer beauty. Endless hiking opportunities, crazy cliffs and waterfalls.

If you’re into history and culture — I just returned from Jordan and learned so much about this region that I want to return soon. The Middle East is such a complex area with so much cultural diversity — there’s a lot to learn there and a huge chance to dive into Arab society with some of the friendliest hosts imaginable. And to top it off the sheer beauty of the country is a nice add-on.

Do you come up with a firm plan or itinerary when you travel or do you wait to let things unfold?
I wish I had time to let things unfold, but usually I travel with a very packed itinerary. In the end I don’t travel for leisure but for work — we have to cover a lot of topics and produce enough content in a limited amount of time. On the Faroe Islands we had to adapt the plans to the weather occasionally — but there wasn’t a day to just let things happen. That’s one thing I’d love to change in the future, but that requires more time in each destination.

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Are there any home comforts that you miss while on your adventures?
If there’s enough space in my luggage I occasionally bring my pillow :) Sometimes the small things can make a difference. Other than that I’m very adaptable to new surroundings.

What 3 things would you take with you to a desert island if you had to visit one?
Just my pillow! Well, and if it’s for work my camera + phone could come handy.

What is your dream destination to visit that you haven’t been yet?

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