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Blog 1711 Thetravelblog At By Ladyvenom Faroeislands 314
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Lady Venom takes us on a journey to the Faroe Islands

Marion Payr aka Lady Venom, Austrian travel blogger / photographer, took neubau eyewear frames with her to explore the Faroe Islands.

With a full packed itin­er­ary ahead of her, she cap­tured the sheer beau­ty and vast land­scapes of the remote Islands. Explor­ing the end­less water­falls and cliffs present there: read what Lady Ven­om doc­u­ment­ed on her travels…

Where do you take us in your pic­tures for FRAME OF MIND?
I’m tak­ing you on a jour­ney to the Faroe Islands — a group of 18 islands mid­way between Nor­way and Ice­land. They offi­cial­ly are a part of Den­mark, but kept their auton­o­my. So although it feels a lit­tle like Europe, it’s not part of the EU and the islanders take their pride in being inde­pen­dent from the main­land. Even when it comes to food — although that means that they most­ly eat fish, sheep and rhubarb, the only thing that real­ly grows there.

What fas­ci­nat­ed you the most about the Faroe Islands?
The match ball might be divid­ed between the vast land­scapes with­out a sin­gle tree and the kilo­me­ter-long tun­nels with just a sin­gle lane (but traf­fic on both direc­tions). And we could also throw in the heli­copter flights, that are as cheap as train tick­ets — because there’s no oth­er way to reach cer­tain islands.

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Blog 1711 Thetravelblog At By Ladyvenom Faroeislands 255

How and why did you begin your trav­el blog?
Most­ly because from all the trav­els I’m going on I’ve only shared a frag­ment on Insta­gram. From 1.000 pho­tos I take I prob­a­bly only share 1 or 2 on Insta­gram. It became evi­dent that I pro­duced most­ly for my exter­nal hard dri­ves and I want­ed to change that and share more of the sto­ries and infos from my travels.

How does run­ning a blog help/​inspire you when you trav­el?
Run­ning a blog changes the way you trav­el. I do more research than before, I read more about the his­to­ry and cul­ture of the places I vis­it. When you trav­el and focus on Insta­gram you become obsessed with the” pho­to and the visu­al appeal of a des­ti­na­tion. But when you run a blog you can dive deep­er — which makes trav­el­ing more worth the while.

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It seems like you are always trav­el­ling – what does your home­town, Vien­na mean to you?
Vien­na is my vaca­tion. Here I don’t have to run from one end to the oth­er to dis­cov­er as much as pos­si­ble. I know I miss a lot of what’s hap­pen­ing in my home­town, but I need that time at home to sort my mem­o­ries and relax. I do believe that Vien­na is the per­fect city to come home to — it always feels like not much has changed and that gives a cer­tain reli­a­bil­i­ty that keeps me sane.

Where is your favorite place to vis­it, or the place you have been most inspired by on your trav­els?
I get this ques­tion a lot and I always fail to answer it. Every trip inspires me in a cer­tain way — so every des­ti­na­tion has an impact on me. If I had to choose a place for a vaca­tion it would prob­a­bly be some­where with lit­tle to see or do — just so that I could resist the urge to explore. Some­thing like the Mal­dives for exam­ple (although I have nev­er been). I would prob­a­bly be bored like crazy and that could be a good (and also inspir­ing) thing… and I could final­ly read a book, lis­ten to music and just be in the moment.

But — that being said — if I had only one more trip to do for a while it would be Argenti­na. My grand­par­ents moved to Aus­tria from Argenti­na. The first (and last) time I vis­it­ed was in 2002 — 15 years ago. So it’s about time to re-con­nect with my fam­i­ly there again and see more of this incred­i­ble country.

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Blog 1711 Thetravelblog At By Ladyvenom Faroeislands 294

What unexpected/​underrated place can you rec­om­mend the most for peo­ple to vis­it?
If you’re into nature — the Faroe Islands are amaz­ing! Think Ice­land just with­out the heaps of tourists. Remote, vast land­scapes of sheer beau­ty. End­less hik­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties, crazy cliffs and waterfalls.

If you’re into his­to­ry and cul­ture — I just returned from Jor­dan and learned so much about this region that I want to return soon. The Mid­dle East is such a com­plex area with so much cul­tur­al diver­si­ty — there’s a lot to learn there and a huge chance to dive into Arab soci­ety with some of the friend­liest hosts imag­in­able. And to top it off the sheer beau­ty of the coun­try is a nice add-on.

Do you come up with a firm plan or itin­er­ary when you trav­el or do you wait to let things unfold?
I wish I had time to let things unfold, but usu­al­ly I trav­el with a very packed itin­er­ary. In the end I don’t trav­el for leisure but for work — we have to cov­er a lot of top­ics and pro­duce enough con­tent in a lim­it­ed amount of time. On the Faroe Islands we had to adapt the plans to the weath­er occa­sion­al­ly — but there wasn’t a day to just let things hap­pen. That’s one thing I’d love to change in the future, but that requires more time in each destination.

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Are there any home com­forts that you miss while on your adven­tures?
If there’s enough space in my lug­gage I occa­sion­al­ly bring my pil­low :) Some­times the small things can make a dif­fer­ence. Oth­er than that I’m very adapt­able to new surroundings.

What 3 things would you take with you to a desert island if you had to vis­it one?
Just my pil­low! Well, and if it’s for work my cam­era + phone could come handy.

What is your dream des­ti­na­tion to vis­it that you haven’t been yet?

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17 Nov 2017 · neubau eyewear