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Discovering Berlin's Kreuzberg area with designer Hien Le

Thinking about Berlin, you inevitably have to consider its constant flux: the fluctuation of people in the short-term, living (night) life to the fullest; cafés and bars popping up today only to disappear the day after tomorrow. However, there is one constant in the ever-changing capital. Fashion designer Hien Le, a figure who can be placed under the category of that rare breed, the 'real Berliner'.

Kreuzberg-born and raised, he has wit­nessed the trans­for­ma­tion of the for­mer­ly rough area into a hip neigh­bor­hood packed with health food restau­rants, trendy bou­tiques, and hid­den record stores. In con­trast to many orig­i­nal local res­i­dents, the cre­ative doesn’t com­plain about the area’s evo­lu­tion: he appre­ci­ates it and still calls Kreuzberg his home, his work­place. Hien Le, a pas­sion­ate cyclist who has col­lab­o­rat­ed with neubau eye­wear for his Autumn/​Winter 18 col­lec­tion, couldn’t imag­ine liv­ing any­where else, too many past and future mem­o­ries strewn on the streets around the Kot­tbusser Tor. In the midst of his prepa­ra­tions for his upcom­ing Spring/​Summer col­lec­tion we met up with the tal­ent­ed design­er to fol­low his traces, dis­cov­er­ing his favorite Kreuzberg places.


My kinder­garten was just around the cor­ner here, and I remem­ber when my mum would come to pick me up, we’d come here and eat a fish-sand­wich. It used to be a very mod­est, sim­ple mar­ket. Then they closed it for a while, only to reopen it once this area became more attrac­tive in terms of shop­ping. Now it’s more of a hip kind of place, with var­i­ous food stands and lots of dif­fer­ent events. What I love is that every­thing here’s made out of region­al prod­ucts. My favorite stand is the ice cream par­lor, or the pas­ta place. Also, Saroni: They make the best bread. I don’t eat bread very often, but if I choose to treat myself I always come here.


I used to play here as a child. Com­ing here after school was like arriv­ing in par­adise, feed­ing the ani­mals and such. That pond over there: I remem­ber, when it froze dur­ing win­ter, we used to stand and slide on it. One time the ice broke and I fell into the cold water. Luck­i­ly, it wasn’t that deep. It’s heart­warm­ing to see that, even though so much has changed around here, some places have stayed the same.


So, this is the Engel­beck­en. It’s love­ly here in the sum­mer, to read, hang out and have a pick­nick with friends. Not quite like being at the beach, but it’s the clos­est thing comparable.


This is one my favorite cafés in Kreuzberg. It’s only been here for about three years I think. Back in the day, this place used to be the phar­ma­cy I’d go to pick up my meds. I did find it kind of sad in the begin­ning, because I knew the own­ers and would talk to them reg­u­lar­ly. When a friend of mine called me and asked whether or not I know this place, and that he’s turn­ing it into a café I was some­what relieved. I was glad to hear that it would be in good hands. Good food, nice atmos­phere – always worth a visit.


Mod­u­lor used to have their store in Gneise­naus­traße. It was this tiny place, and I remem­ber com­ing here for the first time when it reopened at Moritz­platz. It’s huge, and basi­cal­ly THE place to be for cre­atives. They have EVERY­THING. Every time I go there just to look for one spe­cif­ic thing I end up spend­ing hours here, los­ing myself in their huge range of prod­ucts. No mat­ter if for work stuff, or for at-home-projects: I love this place.


This is a great place to come after work, for a drink or snack. Despite it still being in the heart of the city, it still bares a cer­tain seren­i­ty, a place you can go to flee from everyday-struggles.

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Vanille & Marille

I love and live for ice cream. This one and Eis­man­u­fak­tur” are my favorites. Depend­ing on which one I’m clos­est to, I just have to stop by.

Hien Le wear­ing the neubau eye­wear sun­nies James”

Pho­tog­ra­phy by Paul Aiden Perry

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