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Knobbly Studio’s abstract designs preach self-acceptance

Dangling from earlobes all over Instagram, the abstract jewelry of Israel-based brand Knobbly Studio is as ubiquitous as it is unique. Knobbly Studio celebrates the naked female form in its simplicity and variety, their pieces a combination of abstract nude form and a minimalist aesthetic.

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Behind the brand are founder and designer Gittit Szwarc, and tattoo artist Laurie Franck. Together, they wanted to explore women in an abstract, minimalistic way. After first discovering each other on Instagram and handling the majority of their collaboration via direct messages, Gittit and Laurie first produced a t‑shirt with one of Laurie’s drawings before quickly progressing to earrings, necklaces, and pins.

Laurie is really good at presenting the female body matter-of-factly; sometimes she draws forms that are very sexual, but only when she chooses to, and I think that is so important for our time,” Gittit explains. Some of her drawings could almost be just a random line and two dots, but because our eye is so attuned to finding humanity in everything, we can’t miss it.”

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Gittit also wanted to focus on a sense of easiness: I come from the world of movement, so it’s really important to me to make pieces that sort of blend seamlessly with one’s life. I would never make the kind of jewelry that limits your movement or that you have to constantly adjust. And I try to consider all the angles – sometimes what the piece looks like to somebody gazing at you from afar is just as important as what it looks like in a selfie.” Before starting Knobbly Studio the now jewelry designer worked as a capoeira teacher and thus she has no formal training in product design whatsoever.

Starting Knobbly Studio was a very natural process for Gittit. Her core goal being the achievement of a sense of the organic, lead by intuition and created by passion, Gittit lets the naked body be, without any connotations piled on it by mass media. I think we’re growing into that realization and learning, collectively as a society, that the body doesn’t need to be sexualized by default. A body can be just a body, a shape, a vehicle.” Or a progressive template for jewelry.

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27 Sep 2017 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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