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Killer Kiccen: Milan’s most creative space

As it often happens creativity finds its home in places of aggregation where, without ties and constraints, it can grow, evolve and confront.

These places grow ideas. Music and artists that shape cities, making them the heart of citizen’s inspiration. Places where walking is not only a motion, but a very pleasant creative exercise both for the mind and the eyes.

These people become inspired and create places where they can share and experiment with creativity. Killer Kiccen, is a creative space in Milan’s Navigli area where through art shows, vernissages, classes of creative cooking and musical events people can let themselves become overwhelmed by a captivating atmosphere.

We spoke to Beppe Treccia” Iavicoli and Antonio Ponti co-founders of the project who told us how they combined skills, dreams and knowledge to create a space so unique that it was chosen for the Italian presentation of neubau eyewear, the new eyewear brand.

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Beppe and Antonio, you have two very different stories that are indissolubly intertwined in Killer Kiccen. How did you get in contact professionally?
Antonio: I’m the space owner and come from the fashion world while Beppe comes from that of the art. Alongside us Flavio Lavanga — chef — and Paul Azzimonti, account manager.

What we have in common is the creative nature, the curiosity and the will to do. Beppe and I began to meet occasionally when attending events, art shows and concerts till we broke the ice and began talking and finding common interests.

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How was the Killer Kiccen’s idea born, and what is its objective?
Beppe: Killer Kiccen is born from the need to express ourselves and from the desire to bring together all these creative ideas into a single concept. The goal is to create a multi-purpose container capable of gathering music, art, cooking, fashion and design.

A place in which ideas and creativity are bearing walls. How does the location selection process for such a highly visual project take place?
Beppe: Everything happened very naturally. Initially it started as Antonio’s dream home’ aiming at housing him and his family. Then it became the dream home of many by hosting a much larger family.

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People often speak of inspiration that stimulates new ideas. How do your creations arise?
Antonio: The location is a continuous source of inspiration. On the other hand everything inspires us, the people we see, the places we frequent, the objects which we discover and the different feelings that we perceive every time. Our creations spring up very often at a table over a good dish of pasta or glass of wine.

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In many European capitals, areas that before were peripheral and industrial are now turning into creative and cultural centres. Which ones have impressed and inspired you?
Antonio: For me, definitely Antwerp, Brussels and Belgium, in general with regard to the music world. It’s no coincidence that many projects are carried out in partnership with some Flemish crews. As to Beppe I know that Barcelona represents one of his greatest sources of artistic inspiration.

More brands are developing an empathetic relationship with their target audiences through dialogue and creativity. Is it also an advantage for artists and their art?
Beppe: The brand acquires personality and character entering in tune with the artist, who with his work helps make clear the direction and the soul of the brand. While for the artist the brand is a tool to express himself, a vehicle to promote his art and surely a means to have more visibility.

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Share with us the next interesting event that you will host at Killer Kiccen.

Antonio: September is always a very intense month for us. A few days ago we had the pleasure to host the neubau eyewear event with the launch of the new collection of sunglasses. The brand takes inspiration from the famous Viennese district, home to art galleries and artistic focal point, and that’s why Killer Kiccen becomes the ideal location for the promotion of the brand in Italy.

After neubau eyewear we have planned the artist Kraser solo exposition Blue Habitat”. At the same time we have under construction new musical formats: theme nights where the food will merge with art and music, alternative markets and the use of the space as center of co-working and artistic aggregation.

We also thought to dedicate to the children a special place called Killer Disk Kid which is a real disco (with snacks) for the youngest.

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An event that you would like to host?
Antonio: There isn’t any in particular, as of today we have already hosted all the events that we wanted. Certainly we cannot host large-scale events because the space doesn’t allow it, rather we would like that the location became a continuous event.

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05 Oct 2016 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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