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Blog 1802 Jonathan Rodrigo Neubau Eyewear 2
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Artist of the month: Jonathan Rodrigo documents people and places across the world

24-year-old Barcelona based photographer Jonathan Rodrigo has achieved more by his age than most people do in a lifetime.

Tour­ing the world with his cam­era, he has shot cam­paigns for the likes of Reebok, LG USA MOBILE, Seat and more. His lat­est cam­paign was for Adi­das Orig­i­nals’ icon­ic Adi­col­or cam­paign’ which went viral on the inter­net. His port­fo­lio is both diverse and excit­ing, rang­ing from pho­tographs of music gigs to skate­board­ing pros to com­mer­cial com­mis­sions and land­scape images. No sur­prise that neubau eye­wear hired him to shoot beau­ti­ful stills for their newest lookbook.

Here, Frame of Mind spoke to the young cre­ative to unlock some of his suc­cess secrets. Read on to dis­cov­er where Rodri­go gets his inspi­ra­tion from and how he deals with social media fame in the inter­net age.

When did you first start tak­ing pho­tos?
I guess I start­ed tak­ing pho­tos as a kid when I would bor­row my friends’ cam­eras when we were skat­ing or surf­ing. Since I couldn’t afford one I always tried to get the best shots. I was nev­er con­scious that I had been tak­ing pic­tures as a kid until the moment I got my first iPhone. I was hyped on the pow­er of cre­at­ing some­thing and being able to retouch it and share it with­in five min­utes. That made me real­ize I was in need of a prop­er camera.

Blog 1802 Jonathan Rodrigo Neubau Eyewear
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Your port­fo­lio is real­ly broad and diverse – do you pre­fer tak­ing land­scape or por­trait pho­tos and why?
I was trav­el­ling around for a bit cou­ple years ago. At that time my main craft was land­scape pho­tog­ra­phy and get­ting the best per­spec­tives and sit­u­a­tions no mat­ter what. Trav­el­ling gives you the chance to meet peo­ple from all around the world; meet­ing so many dif­fer­ent peo­ple made me realise how pow­er­ful human sto­ries can be, in a visu­al way too. Dur­ing the last year, my goal and man­i­festo com­plete­ly changed which is why I haven’t been shar­ing any per­son­al work. Now, I approach how peo­ple act and feel in spe­cif­ic atmos­pheres and contexts.

You’ve worked with some big names (such as Nike and Mer­cedes), have you found it dif­fi­cult to main­tain cre­ative free­dom at any point?
Of course. That was what stopped me from keep­ing on mov­ing for a while. But at one point I realised that if I want­ed to make a prop­er liv­ing out of this job I had to par­tic­i­pate in the com­mer­cial area even if cer­tain clients would drain my soul and pas­sion for art. I feel like you must be con­scious you are adapt­ing your art for some­one else at all times. Once you know that, you need to know what is worth it and what is a waste of time.

A big les­son was real­iz­ing that well-per­formed mar­ket­ing is actu­al­ly ART. And as an artist, you need to respect it.

Blog 1802 Jonathan Rodrigo Neubau Eyewear 3
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Where do you draw inspi­ra­tion from?
I draw inspi­ra­tion from every­where and nowhere. There are some days when I find inspi­ra­tion in atmos­pheres that I stare at on a dai­ly basis when walk­ing around cer­tain areas. When I talk about atmos­pheres” I’m refer­ring to details which act in inter­est­ing or rare ways under cer­tain light­ing or com­pos­tion. Unre­peat­able and unique situations.

If you ween’t a pho­tog­ra­ph­er, what would you be?
I’m not just a pho­tog­ra­ph­er, I con­sid­er myself a mul­ti­dis­ci­pli­nary artist. At the moment I just show­case my pho­tog­ra­phy work but I do a lot of stuff behind that, which I hope to be shar­ing with you pret­ty soon. I enjoy shoot­ing but thats not the only thing I love doing. I love life and the ways you can express one­self in dif­fer­ent cre­ative ways.

Say­ing that, I strong­ly believe I would be design­ing some streetwear and sneak­ers. Or pro­duc­ing some music.

Your bio states that you have devel­oped a well known dig­i­tal per­son­al­i­ty”. How has social media helped this? Do you ever feel a pres­sure to please fol­low­ers?
Some­one wrote my bio for me. But yes, I guess social media helped a lot, espe­cial­ly dur­ing the begin­ning of my pro­fes­sion­al career. Hav­ing a prop­er fol­low­ing and some artists/​athletes I looked up to sup­port­ing my work kept me going through hard times.

At one point, I real­ized that social media plat­forms like Insta­gram and Face­book require con­stant upload­ing. But the con­tent I want to cre­ate is much slow­er and unless I low­er the qual­i­ty of my work (which I refuse to do), it is not what social media requires.

If you could only shoot in one city for the rest of your life where would it be?

Blog 1802 Jonathan Rodrigo Neubau Eyewear 1
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16 Feb 2018 · neubau eyewear