Photographer Joanna Legid shot our valentines friend couples

Today, everyone with a significant other will be out in full force, seemingly flaunting their relationship in front of you.

If you’re alone this Valentine’s day, not to fret, we’re here to help you deal with it by reminding you to cherish your friendships. Everyone has that one friend they’re inseparable from, so, this year, instead of celebrating romance we’re celebrating best friends, just friends, only friends and the kind, sweet things they do for one another. Photographer Joanna Legid met up with four dream duos in their Berlin surroundings — wearing neubau eyewear.

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Alexander and Lea

Where and how did you meet?
ALEXANDER: It feels like more than 30 years that we met for the first time – realistically it was around 12 years ago – in a café where I was with her friends and I thought who is SHE?! I immediately embraced her.

LEA: Official version: ten years ago in a café through mutual friends.
Inofficial version: we’re identical twins.

Least and most favorite thing about your friend?
ALEXANDER: She’s an incredibly honest and upfront person with a heart too big to ever be weighed, however – because of her huge heart – her emotions sometimes act up and Lea gets a bit louder… But I like loud people though.

LEA: Alex is by far the most generous person I know. He would never say no if you’d need him and he would be always on my side, having my back. No matter if bagatelle or life crisis. The only problem: his taste in bath-tub mats.

How do you cheer Alexander / Lea up when they’re in a bad mood?
ALEXANDER: With my bad humour.

LEA: An anecdote from our shared girl band time is enough to sweeten his day. PS: he was not Posh Spice.

Where do you spend most of your time together?
ALEXANDER: When eating. I love eating, she loves eating, we LOVE eating.

LEA: In bed. In good restaurants. On the dance floor of bad clubs.

What’s the kindest thing Alexander / Lea has ever done for you?
ALEXANDER: That she wants to be friends with me – thanks.

LEA: When I got my daughter I was completely alone in a foreign city. After the birth, Alex was the first one who has put everything aside to come to us, to cook for me, to comfort the screaming baby, to pamper me. Thanks Alex.

On which brand would your friend spend their last money?
ALEXANDER: For Lea it’s not about the brands – she must fall in love. When she falls in love she gives her last shirt to get the piece.

LEA: Maybe Comme des Garcons. However, Alex loves people and things without having to know their background. Really, no matter what’s written on the label, if he likes it he likes it.

What would Alexander / Lea’s perfect holiday be like?
ALEXANDER: One week in New York with me, then two weeks in the Carribean without me.

LEA: A trip to the world’s best restaurant with me.

Kezia and Max

Where and how did you meet?
KEZIA: We met at University. I thought he had beautiful eyes but then I got angry because he pronounced my name wrong.

What made you realize Max / Kezia is a good friend?
MAX: We have the same mind, and same mouth.

KEZIA: We have totally different minds, although Max thinks we have the same one. I realize Max is a good friend because he is able to show me the world from a different point of view.

What activity would you never do together?
KEZIA: Definitely sex!

Do you ever argue? If so, when?
KEZIA: I guess we never had a normal conversation. We argue all the time about everything!

MAX: About everything sometimes.

What’s the most surprising fact about Max / Kezia?
KEZIA: Max dances better than Michael Jackson!

MAX: That she’s actually the most warm-hearted person. She can’t sing but this girl has rhythm like no other.

What drink would you order for Max / Kezia in a club?
KEZIA: I would order water for Max but he would like me to order whisky.

MAX: Whisky for max, water for Kezia.

What is Kezia / Max’s favorite song at the moment?
KEZIA: George Maple — Stricks and Horses ft. Goldlink

MAX: Mc Fioti — Bum Bum Tam Tam

Toni and Fanny

Where and how did you meet?
We met at the Section Boys concert, last February.

Most favorite thing about your friend?
I love about Toni that I can totally trust her and that she’s super honest.

Why do you argue?
I actually can’t think of any argue we had, probably about small things but nothing serious.

What makes a good friend?
For me a good friend is someone who I can tell everything, someone who does not judge me and of course someone to have fun with.

What’s the kindest thing your friend has done for you?
That she always gives me advice and listens patiently to all my drama.

What’s your friend’s favorite food?

What’s your friend’s favorite musician?
No specific person, she listens to various rock or hiphop artists.

Blog 1802 Friendship Joanna Legid Eli Nalan

Eli and Nalan

Where and how did you meet?
We met at a birthday party of a common friend. I was late, Eli was sitting in the middle of well-prepared surprise decoration aka Luftschlangen’. But we already heard from each other and actually met several times in our dreams.

An experience that deepened your friendship?
Our first Dj gig as Senu and slimgirl fat. We spent hours to prepare ourselves for this slot and all of a sudden ended up watching cooking with a dog’ on YouTube.

What’s your favorite activity that you do together?
Discussing life struggles with the IPC (International Pearl Collective) and hanging out at Nalan’s cozy kitchen. It’s an open space for all the like minded people I met in Berlin to get together. She always brings everyone together.

What makes Eli / Nalan a good friend?
ELI: Same values and things we get excited about. You can just process much faster if you have a like minded attitude towards so many topics.

NALAN: Eli is reliable, honest AND my wise google machine. I am glad that she is a living human being!

What’s the weirdest thing your friend has done for you?
She always offers me her home when she is away so I can have some time off … I mean we both live in Neukölln, Berlin. I love her idea anyway! 

Who is Eli’s / Nalan’s most hated artist?
Hm, no hate.

What does Eli / Nalan love to do in their spare time?
ELI: Besides doing music, she hosts everyone and feeds them with delicious self-made banana bread.

NALAN: Eli sometimes tend to get herself useless things: a tripod, mixer in size extra small, hundreds of headphones or hiking sticks. She loves food and therefore she is the best cook I know so far!

14 Feb 2018 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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